Ancestral Land is Calling

Once upon a time, there was the most magical place in the world…

…and it has always been called by one name.


Within those humble four letters are the jug-a-rums of bullfrogs, the ethereal calls of loons, the rocking chair waves that lap lap lap all night long. The squeak and then slam of a screen door. The scent of sweet fern. Ecstatic feet that don’t wear shoes and are greeted with every step by pine needles and moss. Pumping water by hand. Ginger ice cream. Wild strawberries. Snapping turtles. Pin cushion water weeds. A house that is a time machine to the 1930s. Mysterious sunken steam boats and an outboard motor all my own.

First order of business is to put out the dock. The second thing to do will be to jump into the welcoming wet arms of my glorious friend, screaming with bubbles under the water, “I’m here! I’ve missed you but I’m here!”


By the time you read this, we will be in Cape Cod, welcomed by Grandma and Papa Timmins, Aunts, Uncles and cousins cousins everywhere. Next we will be hopping in a car to make our way up to Maine. I can’t wait to introduce my daughter to this piece of land and shore, that my Grandfather bought for $1…

Bye lovers. See you when we get back, the week of August 13th.


12 thoughts on “Ancestral Land is Calling

  1. oh, i love Maine. never been, but Blueberries for Sal and One Morning in Maine got me hooked as a kid and i’ve always loved it ever since. it’s so gorgeous there! have fun.

  2. wow – somehow i never envisioned you anywhere but out west. have a wonderful time! my mom’s brother’s fam also vacations there every summer, though i have never been. they live in CT.

  3. Wow Mary, Camp sounds AMAZING! Enjoy! Enjoy!

    Did I tell you I was born in Mass, lived there till I was 5? I have vague memories of trips to Cape Cod as a wee one and when I was about a year old my parents took me up to Maine with them to visit a commune they were considering, haha, they didn’t end up going that route 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful magical time ❤

    p.s. I had very limited phone reception on our trip but did end up getting your texts while in transit later the day that Lucy was born, thank you so much for keeping me in the loop!

  4. Let me know if you have time for an east coast visit! I’ll be in Baltimore this weekend but maybe we could work something out?! I’ll be back in NY on Monday. Have fun either way, it’s REALLY hot and stormy right now.<3

  5. Hey beautiful lady, i am teary excited with both wonderment and anticipation for you…the journey home; what could be sweeter. Missing you every time I read one of your posts! Life is busy, I’ve started selling 2nd hand/upcycled clothing at the markets…my spare time has been spent scouring thriftshops instead of blogging. loves xoxox cannot wait to read more of your adventuring.

  6. Wow. It seems like everyone has a summer haven like this, a primordial lake, pond ocean in which some crucial aspect of our character was formed, the waters in which we first swam. I’m excited to hear about yours and excited to vicariously experience the east coast through you, I’ve never been. Safe journeys and lots of love.

  7. Completely jealous and can’t wait to hear what Fern thinks. I’m sure she will be skinny dipping and has a much cuter tush than I did. Also, be sure she holds a chipmunk. I very clearly remember feeding them peanuts and having them sit in my palm. Clever little fellas. OH! And if your mother makes mixed up mashed potatoes and corn, I hope Fern carries on the tradition of making fun of it and then, getting in trouble for it. hahahahahaaa Have fun!!!

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