Swing Your Partner

The trumpets play! The drums crescendo! May it begin!

The band leader.

This morning, as a burnt offering of sageandsuch made it’s way into our San Francisco sky, I sent out an invitation. For the spirit of each bioregion to take the hand of its representative, and lead it to the soul it most needed to meet. Eyes squeezed tight, my hand dipped in and out of Fern’s blue hat box – turned magic cauldron, and I prayed Two friends who need to meet, two places that yearn to know each other…

With each pair I simultaneously felt delight (hooray! those two!) and a twinge of sadness (aw, they’re not my partner)…of course until I finally pulled my own name and that of Marybeth and I laughed as my heart shouted YES!

Just one conundrum this year. Odd numbers! America, your name was the last left, all by it’s lonesome in the bottom of the box. So, using secret calculations, I have placed you in a trio!

In the next couple of days you will each receive an email with further instruction (don’t worry, it won’t detonate after opening) and the email of your partner. For the trio, I’ll include an explanation of how three is a magic number.

So without further ado…meet your partner, pat her on the head, if she don’t like biscuits, feed her cornbread.

Denise and Melissa!

Sara and Frances!

Jen and Meredith!

Amber and Grace!

Veronica and Walter!

Rachel and Abby!

Milla and Nicole!

Jen and Anne!

Nix and Sadhbh!

Megan and Elliot!

Sarah and Kendra!

Heather and Tracy!

Christine and Jenny!

Missa and Elizabeth and America!

Teeny and Sadie!

Meabh and Janet!

Gianna and Julia!

Grab your honey and promenade along!

Here’s a refresher on the guidelines, but let me add this…this is YOUR swap. It’s not about fitting yourself into my idea. Make it your own. You don’t have to send seeds or jam! The only guideline I request that you follow is to allow this creative process to really tap you in to the land you live on. Let it speak through you. And trust what it says.

Also, if the deadline of October 15th doesn’t work for you, then just be in communication with your partner around that and decide on timing that works better. However, I do urge you to let the deadline be a little fire under your butt…it helps the creativity to burn brighter.


What have you harvested this year? Do you plan on doing any canning? Did you come across so many feathers you don’t know what to do with them all? Have a favorite sea stone that whispers to you it’s dreams of seeing far off lands? Would you like to receive a care package from an old friend just met, with little magical gleanings from a land your feet may never have touched?

 You have until October 15th to complete your package and send it out (to give enough time for late harvest canning or seasonal medicine making!).

Here are some examples to give you an idea what your package could contain: Jam, salve, seeds, artwork, photos, pressed flowers, feathers, stones, bones, tinctures, flower essences, driftwood, poems, mixed cds, special books, homemade brews, embroidery, vintage thrift finds….anything that represents you and your bio region. (It goes without saying, but seeds/plants that could become invasive should be excluded from your package. For instance, dandelion seed!)

Finally, if you are really feeling stuck, go talk to the trees. Especially the ones with faces.

They look grumpy, but really it’s just because I caught them off guard. I found them to be quite wise and kind, albeit a little sick of snowmobiles and fourwheelers. They were pleased I noticed them. Just more mundane Maine magic.

Happy swapping!!!!!


8 thoughts on “Swing Your Partner

  1. wheeee! do-si-do with mary! i love it! i was already getting started, not knowing who my partner would be, but this makes it super fun and exciting!

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