Somewhere in the Ancient Mystic Trinity

Three is a magic number, but not enough to make me clever this morning, or clear headed. I’ve caught Fern’s cold and am also run down from a week of balls to the wall present making. (Which still isn’t finished. We believe in birthday WEEKS around here). So here’s a glimpse of Saturday’s festivities, and I’ll just keep my sneezes to myself.

One of the reasons I’m grateful for growing up in the 70s…the mysteries of life with your Saturday morning cartoons.ย 

A man and a woman had a little baby. Yes they did. They had three ee ee in their family.

And then that baby spent her third birhtday hiding from her party and trying to rangle her pinata candy out of her brother’s sticky hands.

Fern is way into the Muppet Show, so this year’s flag reflected appropriately.

This year we skipped the hipsters at Dolores Park and set it up close to home, at Duboce.

It was the perfect place.

We set up the puppet theatre.

And had a pinata.

Which wouldn’t break no matter how hard we hit it.

The stick broke, and Jeff finally stabbed the pinata with the broken end, tearing it open. The thing could have survived a nuclear explosion.

Where’s my kid in all this? Oh, here she is, asking for (and being denied) some of her pinata candy that Leo bogarted. Ah, sibling love.

Eyes glazed over with sugar.

We had a present theme this year, and gift time was great, filled with generosity and fun. Leo made sure that she opened all her presents by screaming in her face, “Fern! Fern! Open this one, here, open it!”. I’m thankful that three is still oblivious enough to not blink an eye at such things. I think poor Leo was still decompressing from his first week at Kindy.

Uncle Shane got me good at present time. As we opened his gift, he mumbled, it’s kinda more for you than for Fern,

We had gone in search of items to outfit Fern’s big gift at the Alemany Flea Market. I saw this wonderful little cuckoo clock, and thought it would go with her theme nicely, but hemmed and hawed. It was $15, which is a lot of dough in my world, and I needed to allocate my money wisely. So I walked away from it, and then went back 1/2 hour later, decisive in my desire. But it was gone. So I spent the next two hours bitching and moaning every 10 minutes, eventually just sadly muttering “Cuckooooo” under my breath.

Turns out the little imp had bought it for us when we weren’t looking. I was totally chagrinned. And pleased too. (The girl on the swing is the time keeping mechanism. She bounces up and down.)

We also had some party crashers, of the best kind.

Butterflies like bodhichitta. (Seth is one of my dearest friends, and also my first meditation instructor from many moons ago. Sangha for life.).

The late part of the day devolved into tree climbing and balloon befriending. The cousins hadn’t seen each other in a while, and it took a minute for everybody to warm up to each other.

It was a beautiful day, and we were overcome with gratitude for our friends and family that turned out. Parties are difficult for me, being an introvert that likes my dose of people at a ratio of one person/per two hours. Fern too, despite having talked about her upcoming celebration for a week, hid from her own party. Maybe like mother like daughter, perhaps just a phase. I feel lucky that folks love us, regardless.

A couple other things from the past week…

I made acorn biscuits.

Acorn biscuits with honey labneh made with sheep’s yogurt. Fern ate six. I was going to post you the recipe, but all I can think about right now are my sinuses and the bass drum in my head.

The other thing…much to my delight, and dismay, the outfit post is making a comeback. We all know this is not my forte, and somehow I rarely remember to take pictures to document such things. So, in celebration of my own awkward self-consciousness, here is my attempt at getting better at such things.

Also, while I have worn better outfits to showcase it, I really wanted to give props to one of the awesome give-aways I won recently (yes…one of…I’m under a lucky star right now!!). Violet Bellaย was giving away this purse made by non other than Ms. Sadie Deluxe of Lost Boys and Lovers. I had just recently begun following Lauraย when she offered this up. It is not common for me to win such things, but I entered just the same. And whaddya know? My wardrobe for the past two weeks has revolved around this bag.

dress: from a friend’s shop, vest: thrifted, boots: alemany flea, bag: lost boys and lovers via rootsandfeathers, necklace: estate sale, earrings: gift, awkward laughing: pure me.

Keepin’ it real with the sun damage.

Do any of you folks have stretched lobes? I go back and forth between gauges and regular, so sometimes I need to wear these weights to stretch them back out.

Well kids, I hope to post about Fern’s gift before her next birthday. So stay tuned for that next week, and hopefully this Friday will feature some foraging I’m heading out to do right now, handkerchief in hand.



7 thoughts on “Somewhere in the Ancient Mystic Trinity

  1. Hi fancy lady! Did anyone tell you that you have to pretty much soak the pinata in water before trying to bash the living sh*t out of it? We’ve had that experience, rather frustrating from memory. And afterwards, the knowers ask….oh did you sprinkle it with water first? As always, Ferns birthday looks like an affair of love and friendship, perfect for the little sprite to be surrounded by such goodness as she grows more into her self. And oh my, I love your outfit post. Awkwardness is key don’t you know. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    love from me.

  2. Haha, the pinata story cracked me up. I’ve had the same problem at bday parties, but haven’t resorted to stabbing it with the broken stick. LOL. Didn’t know about the water trick… hopefully I remember that the next time I’m confronted with a tough pinata. Hey! Wouldn’t that make a great compliment? She’s a real tough pinata. Heh. Tangent.

    Fern looks adorable and I love that little coat she’s wearing. I’m glad she got over her reticence and seems to have enjoyed her party. My son used to get overwhelmed by more than, oh, two people at once, and I can remember more than one bday party that started with tears before the fun got started.

    Love your look, too. I saw a pair of brown cowgirl boots at my favorite thrift store today on my lunch hour and I aaaaalmost bought them, but I’ve never worn cowgirl boots and I started to worry that I’d just look like an aging poser so I didn’t. Now I’m reconsidering because you look so great in yours. And also because I decided that I don’t really care about the aging poser thing. Hopefully when I stop by after work the boots are still there and don’t disappear like your cuckoo clock did (love how that turned out!).

    Yeah, outfit shots can seem shallow and silly… but I really enjoy looking at them. Especially when they’re unique and funky and not just another interpretation of the same fad over and over.

    Cuckooooo… haha.

  3. ugh, i have that cold, too! i dubbed it our back-to-school cold, and we are all in various stages of it here. blech.
    i love the kermit bunting, the puppet theater…and i have been to at least two parties with such uncooperative pinatas.
    sending everyone in your house big “to your health”s for their sneezes, and hoping that after the dust settled, everyone involved remembers fern’s third bday party very very fondly.

  4. Happy birthday to your dear little one. She is so beautiful! My two have started to get a little shy recently… it could just be a phase… but then, I’m a one-on-one type person myself, so who knows! I hope you’re all feeling better now. Being sick sucks! I know you’re not well ‘n all but you will at some point have to share the recipe for those yummy looking biscuits. (I think we call them scones here… we call cookies, biscuits) but I’m intrigued to try them! I will, of course, allow you to finish your gift to Fern first ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. happy birthday fern! it looks as though it was a fun party!

    i LOVE school house rocks. we have a dvd with all the songs and it’s the best. i end up singing the songs in my head for days after. so you won the purse! i entered that giveaway…and didnt win. but then again i never win. your acorn biscuits look so good and i love your outfit as well ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. anne, i “never” win too…but lately i suddenly am! it’s a little disconcerting, but i’m trying not to think about it too much and just enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚ ok, so i think a biscuit recipe is unanimous. i’ll get on that. xo

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