I am the Eye in the Sky, Maker of Rules

A trip home. Time for just Mama and Babe. Opening to the inner voice. Listen.

A new public radio station in a part of the state previously parched for alternative information. This song played in one of those moments where I heard it differently than ever before. Fern and I hummed the lyric “I am the eye in the sky” over and over for days.

(Sweater: Target, Tank: vintage from Mom, Shorts: Target, Shoes: Thrifted, Earrings: Thrifted, Necklaces: Nicole. My medicine bag is quickly filling up, gifts granted from land.)

(A nod to Milla‘s shoe shots. It’s cuter when you’re a forest elf.)

We spent five days, sinking into the quiet, into earth, into each other, into truth. Fern was always asking, “What game do you want to play next?”. Sometimes the game was dollhouse or puzzles, sometimes it was collecting acorns or looking for bones. Sometimes you find a bone and sometimes you don’t. I thought a lot about transition and the quick rush to the end result inherent in the concept. So I reframed it as adventure. Open ended, and curious. Walks down in Vulture Flats found my eyes darting around, searching. Was I looking for affirmation from the land, like a shopping spree, like thrifting? No, I was looking for myself, looking for reflection. And found it everywhere.

That is, when I wasn’t feeling spooked by ghostly happenings and thin veils. I’ll save that story for later. In the meantime…

How’s your swap package coming along? I have received a few emails from folks who haven’t heard from their partners. If you did not receive an email from me, or have not heard from your partner, please contact me and double check your spam folder.

There was so much goodness in your comments on my last post. I love the deep wisdom each one of you offered. What say we all get together to change the world? Because it’s pretty obvious to me we could do it. At least, you all certainly change mine. Thank you.


32 thoughts on “I am the Eye in the Sky, Maker of Rules

  1. It is such a privilege to see little one growing up, and she is so happy! That cat tee is flippin adorable on her. amazing shots of the birdy. and hot damn you’re one styley mama! sorry i’ve only just gotten up so my thoughts are all tiny statements. xo talk soon.
    ps. ghosts and thin veils? I’m intrigued.

  2. ps. and This weekend ‘art with kids’ theme is Autumn skies full of stars, inspired by hubble pics and these clear nights….. I am witing for Sirius to show itself earlier now in the evenings. is so special to me. Coleman and I met beneath it, flashing above the south horizon mid winter- I also think my little doggy is there too: ) so much to tell!!! x

  3. I love all of these pictures! Most especially, though, the one of the rocks with a busted old tree branch sitting on them and trees behind. It looks like home to me. Big heart feelings.

    That Alan Parsons song has always given me goosebumps. I’ve never even tried to figure out the lyrics, either… just the sound of it makes me feel dreamy.

    My swap partner and I have contacted each other, and we actually don’t live that far away from each other! Northern California, anyway. I’m still trying to figure out what to put in my package, but pretty soon I’ll relax and remember to just let it be what it is instead of trying to make it PERFECT (ha), and then I’ll send it off. ;o)

  4. what lovely pictures, mary.. what a beautiful bluebird.. the pictures are so cute of it, playing about in the birdbath. it looks as though you and fern really enjoyed and savored those 5 days of reflection for you… looks like you both had a wonderful time. i always enjoy seeing all of the scenery pic’s from my new fellow blogger friends, there from california and the other bloggerss homelands. being as i live in louisiana, the scenery is so different, although it is beautiful where i live, it is also so nice to see other wonderful pic’s.. i am really enjoying seeing everyone’s outfit posts. you look awesome in this pic, mary!! your clothing and fashion style, i just adore. 🙂 and i agree with teeny, that cat shirt on fern is just too cute. 🙂 my swap partner and i have been keeping in touch…. so excited about the swap!!!

  5. great pictures. love the one of the bird of the fence and all that golden grass behind. i miss golden grass. everything is so damn green here always. miss fern is really looking like her mama these days. and you look amazing. nice stems!

  6. so, mary, i just sat and watched the video and now, include me in with you and fern humming “eye in the sky”…. because now, that’s exactly what i am doing, too. LOL… i didn’t realize it until joe asked me”what are you humming” LOL. too funny. yeah, that song is going to be in my head for days, as well now. i’m not complaing, though. i like that song and it has been a long time since i have heard it.. it was nice.

  7. Oh my. The first six pictures took my breath away. The hawk in the air looking down on Fern. The lizard on the rocks meditating with Fern. The fluffy seed head and the fluffy kid head. Amazing.

  8. These photos are breathtaking, Mary. THe way people take photos says a lot about the way they see the world, and your vision is just… stunning. Deep feeling in so many of those shots.

    I’m also totally amazed that Fern looks so much a little girl rather than baby. And her hair! Is it growing in darker now?

    Speaking of babies (and harkening back to your message), I had a dream the other night that I was pregnant. At first, I was horrified because I had no idea when or how it could have happened, but then I was in my garden looking at a flood of lettuce sprouts fuzzing up the black soil, and I touched my stomach. I felt a little arm move, and was awed.

    Can’t wait to hear about your spooky experiences. Thin veils… ay. Tis the season, right?

    1. and i feel really “seen” by the first part of your comment. it feels really good to be “gotten”. thank you.

      fern’s hair IS growing in darker. kinda sad about that, but she has a nice 80’s stripey highlights thing going on. 😀

      love your dream! and my ghost story kinda has nothing on what’s been going on at your place!!!

  9. WOW. those bird bath photos! you captured such a fascinating moment. i love the lizards and sun and Fern in the field. thank you so, so much for sharing.

    my mama always says that this is the time when the barrier between the living and the dead is the thinnest. her best friend passed away around this time after a long battle with cancer. she said she was holding until the passage would be easiest. what were your spooky happenings?

  10. hey. david and i looked at this post kind-of together the other night, cuz he asked who is mmgood, after leaving a comment on my blog. i told him to go see! it was fun! he likes you guys!!! we were enjoying the song, and i still have it stuck in my head two days later. i can see how that happened to you two eagle sisters. open ended and curious, looking for ourselves, and finding us everywhere. that is the truth. we really have to step back and decide to focus on the truth in order to see it. deciding. 5000 times a day. adventurous love.

    1. i LOVE that we get the david stamp of approval. and i’m kinda not surprised…from what i know of him, i think there are some similarities in our relationship dynamics. i bet he’d like jeff. 😀

      1. someday, some life, we can all 4 together have a relationship dynamics conversation and it has potential to be so fun.

  11. Aw, wee Fern in the golden grass! I love her purple dress and your adventuring outfit is just perfect, adorable you are with your topknot 🙂

    Speaking of adventuring, I’m feeling inspired by your intentions as you’ve steered them toward adventure and curiosity lately (recalling this theme in your Grace Cathedral post as well). Autumnal adventuring, it has a nice ring to it.

    Also, “Was I looking for affirmation from the land, like a shopping spree, like thrifting? No, I was looking for myself, looking for reflection. And found it everywhere.” Love that.

  12. Wow. Fern looks so much like you in these shots. I too, love the part about looking for affirmation from the land, I get that feeling sometimes, wanting so desperately to be reassured that I get angered if no sign appears, like five minutes in the woods is all I can spare and I want to be seen and heard and held and then go about my day. But most often, just as I start drudging home, feeling rejected, it does appear, never in the form I was expecting and often it feels just like my self speaking, saying, I was here all along, but you don’t listen in your eagerness.

    Thank you for all the splendor you share. I thought of you often as we gathered some sage and kinnikinnick on our travels.

    oh and those shoe shots. I was kind of hoping no one noticed that I’m still like one of those high school girls obsessed with taking picture so of their own feet. sigh. 😉

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