U-Pick Sunday

First of all, my snickering apologies to everyone who got an earworm from my last post. If it makes you feel any better, it’s still stuck in my head too.

This should help exorcise any left over tunes outta yo head.

Yesterday we joined some friends in Petaluma at Bloomfield Farms for U-Pick Sundays.

Bring your family and $25, and they supply you with a giant box, a wagon and free reign to stuff that box as full as you want.

“Crazy Papas”. We call them Potato Molecules.

My future farm girl was in her element.

Our friends brought their neighbors, and Fern found an immediate playmate in their son.

We picked a peck of peppers. Last night I used 6 of them in a casserole with rice lasagna noodles and roasted poblanos, with a goat cheddar and rosemary bechamel. Yeah, it was kinda tasty I guess. So now what do I do with the other 500 peppers?

We had a late dinner, because our bellies were still full from the Pay What You Want brunch, hosted by Hardcore Farm-to-Face.

I had the frittata and potatoes, Fern had mini-pancakes (which were huge) and we all had a mini donut-hole (also huge, not to mention gooey and hot and amazeballs). I was sighing with satisfaction the rest of the day.

The farm folks posted this pic of us and our friends (sans moi) on their facebook.

Our boxes were declared beautiful. True dat.

The ‘farm girls’ wandered about everywhere as we finished breakfast and slowly made our exit.

We drove back into the city, and were greeted by this.

But it was just over the bridge. We spent the rest of our sunny afternoon lollygagging about the house. Literally. Lolly. Gagging.

We had stopped at Rainbow to get a few extra bits for our veggies, and not only did we run into the woman who helped bring Fern into the world (our Lay Midwife), but a stranger produced a random act of kindness, in the form of a corn syrup, red dye laden cavity on a stick. But really, how could we say no?

I am SO loving all your comments lately, and feel compelled to comment back as I get time today, so check back on the last post if so inclined. Stay tuned on Wednesday for a ghost story, and in the meantime, you can spook yourself out by watching A Tale of Two Sisters (Geez, thanks a lot, Molly!), which is screaming streaming on Netflix.

As Sara says, Tis the season! xo


8 thoughts on “U-Pick Sunday

  1. What a great idea and a beautiful farm! Too bad you didn’t make it into the facebook picture to complete the circle 🙂 Fern’s overalls!!! Lucy…take note. Farmer girls in the making! Such a gorgeous day and thank goodness that wretched fog was only over the bridge! Not that i’d mind if a bit blew up our way. And hey, a lollipop is the perfect way to end a day of good clean fun, just one tiny bad-for-you treat! Love her excitement, it radiates out of my screen.

  2. I tried to comment earlier, and then i erased it all by accident. So i had to take some time to not be angry about it and come back later. Here I am! I think i wrote something about how I saw your horror movie request on facebook, I’m too scared these days to watch movies bout ghosts and such. The trouble is, I believe in them too much. I still run (not walk) through my house if for some reason i have to get up in the middle of the night. So, needless to say I didn’t watch your two sisters clip – however, i DID google it and read the movie synopsis. Yup, looks like the kind of movie that would scare the absolute shit out of me hahaha. But do tell me your ghost story. And i’ll tell you mine! all of em. xo

  3. Love the potato molecule! How good are peppers in soups and casseroles? If you’re looking for ideas, the other day I cooked up some green peppers, lentils, onion and curry paste. Then stuffed them into (pre-steamed) mushrooms and grilled them. Turned out surprisingly well. It was a bit of a ‘random-leftover-vegies-in-the-fridge’ experiment. I put parmesan on a couple of them, which was also good, but not so good for my attempting vegan-ness… Oh my! Never seen ‘A Tale Of Two Sisters’, but it used to always stare at me as a kid in the video shop. Haha! The cover would remind me of ‘The Shining’.

  4. I love Fern in her overalls, oh my gosh. They’re the mark of a country child, for sure. My mom loves to tell me how my style hasn’t changed since I was little, b/c my obsession with overalls, tie dye, and vests prevails.

    Stuff dem peppahs! That’s what we love to do with ours. Or chili! Ho shit, I’m so hungry. I should go eat breakfast now.

    Love you!


  5. fun! and not a bad price, if i do say so myself! fern looks so cute in those overall’s and your breakfast sounds scrumptious and the dinner you made sounds SO good.
    i plan on taking the kids to a local farm this week to pick out pumpkins. shane is very excited! maybe i’ll have to get some veggies while i’m there too 😀

  6. I’ve fermented a bunch of peppers this summer. They are so so so good and so easy. Add onions or garlic if you are feeling fancy.

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