The Fire’s in My Eyes and My Words are Really Clear

Soundtrack for your Monday morning:

By the way, did gangs ever dress like this? Because either way, they need to bring that shit back.

My apologies to every one who was, er…scarred for life…by my ghost story. Reports came in third hand all during the weekend about this friend and that who is now having nightmares, thanks to me. Sorry guys.

But I am so awed by the opinions, wisdom and interpretations that some of you have shared with me so far, and I count myself lucky to know such deep spirited folk. As usual, I am dogged by so much to say, so little time, but I will be responding to your thoughtful comments throughout the next two days.

To brighten and lighten things up a bit, look who’s back!

This is the view from our sunroom, for those of you who are new to this space.

Going on year four with this friend. Hello love.

Cooper’s Hawk. Looks sooo similar to a Sharp Shinned, but Cooper’s are the size of a crow, whereas S. Shinned are the size of a Jay. Also, Cooper’s body shape is like a barrel, with no tapering down to the hips.

Just like that.

In between hawk adorations, Fern and I made Fermented Strawberry Soda, using Amber’s awesome tutorial over at Violet Folklore. (Even if you don’t want to make soda, you should check out that post for glorious carbonated mishap glamor.)

I had put on an apron (gifted from Nicole) and Fern, previously an apron-phobe, wanted one too. This was mine when I was wee, and you might recognize it from Easter two years ago. Sigh. She’s getting so big.

Fern helped process the strawberries. She has become my kitchen-helper extraordinaire, greeting each project with “Can I help you, Mommy?”

She’s also becoming a ham.

We used a ginger bug for the fermentation, a method I am thinking I will use from now on, and fore-go the whey, which was making me sick. I’ve read that you can also used grated tumeric to make a bug, which is useful if you don’t want the ginger flavor.

Initially I just used pureed berries, with no sugar added. After 12 hours, it didn’t seem to be fermenting enough, so I added some sugar water (1/2 cup to 3 cups puree) and that seemed to jump start things. We’ll be tasting this morning.)

Saturday afternoon, we headed down to the Urban Air Market, which was happening two blocks from my house. There were a lot of hipsters, some great dj’s, a bunch of talent and…way too much attitude.

I was in the market for earrings, and I found some beautiful gold colored hoops with white and orange rough cut citrine dangling from the middle. They were $20 over my budget but were so lovely I was considering it…until I looked at the booth owner, who had ignored me in her empty shop up until that point. I gave her a smile and said, “Is this your stuff?”. She looked me up and down and said snottily, “It sure is.”. I withdrew my hand and my potential as a customer, smiled and walked away. I’d like to say this was an isolated incident, but it happened in two other hippy couture booths that day, and it’s a culture of narcissism that is rampant in the Bay. I was considering writing a rant titled, “An Open Letter to all Feathers and Leathers” or “Dear Neo-Tribal Techno Hippy” but then realized that it would all be summed up in one sentence…Get over yourselves.

After my encounter with Bitch Slap, I shyly wandered into the realm of Maral Rapp. Now, if anyone deserves to act like she has a stick of genius up her tookus, it’s this lady, who makes jewelry and headpieces out of 1920’s metal handbags. They take her hours, which accounts for the price, which she apologized about as I was perusing. She had no reason to talk to me really, but she took off her sunglasses and also looked me up and down and said, “This might sound funny since there are so many creative folks here, but your outfit is just…wow…I love it.” (Sadie Rose, I was wearing your purse, and Nicole, your necklace, which I think accounts for a lot of it!). We had the nicest chat, and I took her card.

You know what I’m going to do with that money I didn’t spend on Snotty Sister’s earrings? I’m going to tuck it away into savings to spend at Maral’s shop. For that matter, I think my money is better spent at any of the amazing ladies who rock it heart and soul, but also live by a creed of upliftment.

And in the spirit of keeping it real, here is an awkward photo and what I wore that day.

I hope your week is begun with strawberry sweetness, real life glamour and love for the people and animals who love you right back. xo


8 thoughts on “The Fire’s in My Eyes and My Words are Really Clear

  1. i’m still thinking about your last post…and ruben woke up in the middle of the night last night thinking about your story. needless to say he got pretty freaked out 😀 i think i’ll wait to see you in person to discuss it.

    the soda sounds yummy and fern looks so adorable in that apron. i hate snotty people. seriously, what’s the point??? and your outfit IS great!

  2. uh yeah Mary, I’ve been totally walking through my house at times telling the spirits behind me that i’m not ready to talk to them and they need to stay away. I didn’t comment on that post because i wasn’t sure what to say….i felt some need to urge you caution – for the same reasons that Sara and Milla wrote. But also that I too trusted your intuition, and in some way, you know that creature now, so you’re probably best to judge for yourself. As for this post, I get what you mean about the snobby vendors! We have them here too, and my attitude is that if they don’t take the time to even fricken try to smile at me, then they don’t have time to accept my purchase. I love how you thought enough about it to save your pingers for Maral Rapp…loves it. Also, your outfit is flippin amazeballs. (alright i said it, i said amazeballs, call me a dickhead)….your SKIRT! I wanna eat it its so scrummy looking! lookin hawt girl. miss you all too. xoxo

  3. mary, the cooper hawk is so amazing!!! o.k. with the spooky story.. i did have a nightmare, as well, the other night too… but i am not complaining… i am sorry that you have had to go through so much angst with these experiences that you have been encountering. i did not respond to your post, because i really wasn’t sure what to say on this matter…. i don’t know that much on it. yeah, just keep that little light shining, like you do… 🙂 but it is saddening to know that you have had so much to deal with.. i pray that this situation goes away… the soda making looks so fun and i imagine is so very tasty. fern was really having a blast, too. mary, don’t worry about those snobby women.. i don’t know why some have to be like that. you were absolutely gorgeous that day, your outfit was gorgeous, your jewelry was gorgeous, your style was gorgeous and i know your personality was gorgeous too on that day and then those women have to go act like that… but see, you came out befriending a kindred spirit and that was awesome. 🙂

  4. I read your spooky-scary post aloud to mi madre and Hayle, and they found it totally interesting, so no worries here.

    There’s just no understanding snooty people. I always wonder what could be going on in someone’s head that would make them want to treat someone else like a second class citizen. Perhaps a great deal of insecurity? That’s all I can think of. It must be, because you are the picture of hip ease in your outfit. So much cool going on right there. I love the natural color of your hair, too. Honey and wheat and cocoa, all in one.

    I’m glad to see your friend is back. He’s a graceful reminder that survival happens, even in the city.

    Oh, boy, I’m “heart”. I ❤ you.


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