Welcome, Ancestors

As we kick things into high gear around here for Dia de los Muertos (or Happy Dead Day as Fern calls it), I have been revisiting two of my favorite artists.

I like to peruse Sylvia Ji for make-up ideas. Although when it comes time to doing my face on the night of, I am usually so burnt out from festivities that I can’t be bothered. Maybe this year will be different? (Elizabeth and Anne, take note!)

Some folks really embody this look and go all out for the parade in the Mission.

Woof. Even just looking at the effort in these photos makes me tired.

But even more than Sylvia Ji, I love our local sweetheart, Kiriko Moth.

In my wildest dreams, Kiriko Moth designs a full length arm tattoo for me, and also illustrates my tarot deck.

And in our own humble way, our tribute to the ones who have crossed over is up in the hallway.

I haven’t changed the altar much, the last few years. It feels nice to have something become traditional. I also look forward to putting it up in a new home, with reinvigorated creativity.

City Hall has been orange for a couple of weeks, perhaps for Halloween, but I think also because the city is in the throes of Go Giants!

Regardless, after watching a Peanuts Special, Fern has taken to referring to it as The Great Pumpkin.

Speaking of pumpkin, we’ve been making some goodies.

And for Daddy’s birthday today, I made Canned Cinnamon Roll Waffles. (We used Trader Joe’s, instead of Pillsbury. No artificial flavors, thank you.)

Soooo good. Although now my entire body is itching from the sugar. It was worth it, I tell you!

By the way, the Strawberry Soda from my last post turned out AMAZING. Fern has not been a big fan of my weird fermented things, but she sucked this stuff down. Even Jeff, who faints away at the suggestion of Kombucha, declared it decadent. Definitely give it a go…so easy!

How are you celebrating Halloween/ All Soul’s Day/ Day of the Dead?

P.S. Still trying to find time to respond to y’all’s comments about the ghost story. Stay tuned.


6 thoughts on “Welcome, Ancestors

  1. I MUST have that deer with the woman with the arrows in her chest as a tattoo. OH MY GOD. That is aaallll kinds of perfect.

    Loving your altar, loving Fern’s funny face (that was my grandfather’s nickname for me, “funny face”), and loving that jolly skeleton on your decked out table. I’ve got a little glow in the dark skeleton hanging from my bed’s headboard all the time, but I especially love that’s festive right about now.

    Loving you, too!


    1. Also, do you feel a special affinity with deer? I get a very strong feeling that you do. šŸ˜‰ You may think this silly, but I love to look for the non-human animal in people. I see a lot of deer in you. I’ve got, like, this whole crazy mental list.

      1. deer was the first animal that made it clear to me that i should count it among the best of allies. šŸ™‚ i have deer tracks tattooed up my left leg and some antlers have been waiting in the wings to be inked for many years. i also feel a strong affinity with artemis (who is tattooed on my right arm) and as i’m sure you know, the stag is her ally too. i’m surprised you see deer tho…i think my face looks like a hare…another of my spirit companions. thank you for asking and for “seeing” me. i’d love to hear how you pick up on such things with people. xoxo

  2. Your altar is all kinds of awesome. Man, I wish so bad I could be there. Oh and never try that costume sans REALLY GOOD facepaint, or with a cold. That was pretty much the death of mine last year. I was so sick and sniffly. Sad. Face. Also, I love pictures of your Venus. Always makes me smile.

  3. oh yes please do team up and create that tarot deck! i will be your biggest fan. her work is gorgeous. hope you have a delightfully otherwordly dia de los muertos. your altar inspires me, again this year as it did last year. we need to work on that tradition around here.

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