I Want Candy…bump a dumpa dump bada dum

Ah yes. As all weekend mornings should begin. Cuppa coffee, sunroom, hawk friend.

What’s the eye in the sky prediction this morning?

We took the kids out to brunch at St. Francis Fountain (Vegan Rancheros, while listening to The Ramones and begging the kids to stop sliding under the table) and then walked a block to Galeria de la Raza.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you might remember this 37th birthday party. I still have blank skulls and molds at home, but it was jolly nice to have someone else set it up, provide the decorations…and to leave them with the mess.

Our housemate Kristy laughed when she heard there were sugar owls. “Leave it to the hipsters.” Guess what Fern and I made?

Fern and I made owls, Jeff and Leo made skulls.

Mine in da middle.

In the spirit of keeping it real, this happens at least once a day.

Fern was pissed as all hell that we had to leave them there to dry.

She got over it as soon as we got to the new splash pad at 19th and Valencia.

Saturday and Sunday, our indian summer returned full force and it was HOT. Perfect day for it.

A friend recently forwarded this article to me, about the atrocious rental market in the Bay Area. In short, it’s as severe as the dot com bubble (In 2000, prices sky rocketed and I suddenly realized I probably could never move from my rent controlled flat unless I had a significant jump in income). As Fern reaches new cognizant levels, I have to face reality…which is that she is not getting the childhood on a farm that I had hoped for her. So I do things like remember how pretty SF architecture is, and that it’s still the best city ever. Except for Paris. Can we move to Paris?

We got home and set up the altar for the Angelitos, in preparation for the spirits of children who will begin their visit on the 31st.

It hasn’t been my intention to trump Halloween, yet our tradition for this time of year has emerged of it’s own accord. With very little introduction from me, Fern has delved into The Happy Dead and is delighted for every bit of it. She wants to light candles on the altar, she asks for Muertos coloring pages every day, she loves having this book read to her and has been intently interested in helping create the little altar for the Angelitos. All while showing considerable restraint regarding the temptation of candy and sugar skulls.

I made my little owl as a stream of consciousness while helping the kids. When I was done, I looked at it in surprise. It looks, in some way, like everything I have ever made. It looks like me. Bored with my artistic style, I wanted to criticize it and then thought, The work is about accepting things as they are, right now. Not how they could or should be. That’s tough for me, when I have a chronically dissatisfied mind that can see in so many directions at once, a belly that is shrieking at me to bolt and a heart with a love of refined beauty. It’s hard to not want that over there. Then I blink fast and shake the starlight out of my eyes, so I can better see the gentle sparkle of what is before me.

First World problems and all that. Still, I want what I want. And…

(Girls, do you love her style, or what?)

I’m concerned for y’all on the East Coast who are about to get pounced by Frankenstorm. Let’s have an ongoing roll call here…let me know you are safe and dry?



5 thoughts on “I Want Candy…bump a dumpa dump bada dum

  1. I read this post with my mom, and she wants me to tell you that Fern’s supah cute, even mid-pout.

    Your last significant paragraph was my favorite. “The work is about accepting things as they are, right now. Not how they could or should be.” After you rub the starlight out of your eyes, what are the gentle subtleties? Your hawk friend sparkles. Nakie Fern in the sun. The soft juxtaposition of maple leaves and something made by human hands, both beautiful but different. And your owl, who sees with her heart.

    I think you sparkle, too.


  2. mary, i laughed out loud and almost wet my pants from laughing so hard at fern’s mad pout!!! it is truly adorable. 🙂 LOL… i am the same as sara, for my mother was looking at your post with me and she said to tell you that fern is a cutie pie. 🙂 she definitely wanted her prized goodies then and there. 🙂 awwww… your hawk friend again.. that is the coolest.. to be able to sit inside and view your beautiful hawk friend and that beautiful scenery….. it is so very pretty.. ya’ll have been so busy, but it looks like ya’ll have been having tons of fun, as well…..:) yes, my thoughts are going out to everyone who is having to deal with the hurricane coming their way… 🙂 may they stay safe…..

  3. Love your sugar skull! And Fern’s got some mad skills 🙂 We had fun making them last year, hope to get some made this year too. Safe and warm here, just a few inches of snow so far. Warm blessings all.

  4. i happen to love your owl, so don’t you go being mean about it! And jeez louise your girl has some beautiful stormy eyes. and looks adorable in that dress….i saw it and thought….oh Mia has one like that….hang on! I sent it off…oooooohhhhhh that’s right. sorry bout the pink safety pin on the side there, i had forgotten about that. All these years and this is the first time i’d seen that video clip (i knew the song, just not the clip) – i started thinking about screen printing my own fabric after that….or stencilling. I recently started stencillng Mia’s and Oscar’s tops. it’s addictive. loves.x

  5. This whole post floored me, but mostly this: “The work is about accepting things as they are, right now. Not how they could or should be.”


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