Happy Hallowe’en

Vintage Halloween illustrations make me weak in the knees.

And this seems like the proper time to share two other of my favorite images.

Members of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Castle Rising, Norfolk, England. All I can find out about it was that it’s a hospital and old age home.

Still in use, apparently.

I just want them to be a secret coven, don’t you?

Tomorrow is my Big Four OH, and I got myself an early b-day present for Samhain night.

Tomorrow morning we go to collect Elizabeth from the airport, and then Anne the following day. Sweet Missa will be joining us that evening and our own little coven (blogen?) will go out for frolicks and mischief at Dia de los Muertos.

Happy Hallowe’en and I hope your little tricksters get nothing but treats!


13 thoughts on “Happy Hallowe’en

  1. Hooooorraaaaaaay exciting things about to happen, all on your birthday! whooppeeee! Say hi and give big hugs and kisses from me too, alright! x if i end up in an old peoples home i hope i too can dress up as a witch with my old lady friends.

  2. Happy Birthday and welcome to the magic of 40. May you have many opportunities to reflect on the collective wisdom and gifts of your years while still feeling like MILF.

  3. happy birthday lover. you made it!! ….the magic of 40. i like that a lot. how exciting to have some sisters coming in to celebrate with you….you must all dress like witches in some way or another. you must.

  4. i am sending out happy birthday wishes to you mary, for a wonderful year ahead for you. oh, how wonderful, that you all are getting together to celebrate your birthday…. i know ya’ll will have a great time, making wonderful memories. enjoy!!! oh, and mary, the links aren’t working for me? idk…

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