The Morning After

We knew the election had been called last night without checking stats. Cheers started erupting from all around the city. Nothing like when the Giant’s won the world series last week (or when Obama won in 2004), but it was obvious that the joyful preaching from our neighbors across the street woud not be for a victorious Mittens.

Something that has been wound up and bound within me began to unravel, and I realized I had been preparing for the worst…a stolen election, despair in our government, or a set back to the Reagan era (or have we ever really left?). An article I posted on FB referred to Obama as a non-radical Republican. I would call him a conservative moderate. He definitely is not the progressive candidate I thought I was voting for in 2004, but compared to Romney, I feel like I just got a reprieve from the hangman’s noose. I’m not fooling myself that it will be a brand new world, but at least there’s a slight chance that climate change will actually make it into the national debate.

Obviously, it’s not a brand new world, since Monsanto’s propaganda monkeys managed to defeat Prop. 37, which would have required mandatory labeling of GMO ingredients in food. What’s up California, I thought we were all body eco conscious fruit and nut types over here? So the burden is still left to the consumer, to know what we’re putting into our bodies. Buy organic, never eat conventional corn anything, or better yet…grow yer own.

We may not have repealed the death penalty (head palm) but we voted to reform Three Strikes, so that’s something.

Fern had a great time at her first voting experience.

Now, onto the other morning after…the morning after my birthday when we went to pick up Anne from the airport!

Dear Elizabeth ended up canceling her travel plans at the last minute, but it was still a sweet little party that gathered that night for the Festival of Altars in the Mission. Missa came down from Santa Rosa with Clover, we had Leo with us for the evening, and we met up with Uncle Shane…after driving around for 45 minutes not finding parking. Right before we left I had gotten a text from Shane that said OMFG mission shitshow. I had finally given up, had dropped Missa and the kids off and was all Go on without me...when I finally found a spot two blocks from Shane’s house.

The evening may have been more work than it was worth, but everyone was a good sport and I was also so touched that these friends came together for my birthday. πŸ™‚

Anne and Marianne take in the Letters to the Dead.

Notes to those who have passed will be taken to the Temple at Burning Man next year to be tossed in the fire.

Missa and Clover.

Shane is so ghooooooulish.

The kids were pretty tired and after the parking shenanigans, they didn’t have much bandwidth left. We took in what we could amongst the chants of “I want candy” and “I want glowsticks.” It didn’t help that Shane started going, “Candy. Glowsticks. Candy. Glowsticks. Candy. Glowsticks….”

My camera doesn’t do night shots well and I suspect Missa may have gotten better ones. Here are a few other visions of the altars.

An altar to the vanishing bees and the hurting earth.

The next morning dawned beautifully (oddly, un-seasonally) warm. We started things off with a half block walk to Koshland Park.

Little Marianne. At a year and 1/2, she is still that teeny portable size, but can also get around on her own adorable toddling feet. She’s the sweetest little baby snack and SO MELLOW. Jeff and I kept nudging each other all weekend like, Wow. What would it have been like to have one of those? Especially amongst the whining from Miss Three who kept letting us know that she Didn’t like having a baby in the house.

All three girls had fun together. Clover and Fern, hanging out for the fourth time, finally clicked and became BFFs for the day.

Here’s some thrift candy for ya. I tell you, both Missa and Anne are every bit as beautiful in person as they seem on their blogs. More so, actually.

At the park.

Wet slide, wet butt.

Ha ha! Sorry Anne, but you were too cute.

Both girls are so naturally photogenic too.

Stunning, yes?

And then this happened.

Clover took off her shirt and within 2 minutes both girls were naked as Jay birds, frolicking about the park. We were the only ones there and the park was quiet, so we went with it. I didn’t get any modest-enough ones of Clover to show, but just trust me when I say it was adorable.

After a pit stop at the house, we headed out again for lunch and a thrift store.

Sadly, I didn’t get too many other photos, and none of the three of us. I was too swept away with all the activity. On Sunday we went to Bloomfield Farms again, and I discovered upon arrival that my camera was dead. I’m hoping the other two girls have some captures they will share.

What my heart captured was a sweet affection for both these ladies. They are deep souls, reserved on the surface with intricate beauty that is blinding when it is shown. I felt ease with Anne immediately and we gracefully spent three days together. But can I let you in on a little secret? She doesn’t express it much on her blog, but Anne is something of a sassypants! A cup full of sunshine, with a little bourbon and cayenne thrown in for good measure. Having a pretty vocal inner snark myself, I knew right away that we would get along fine. My home is open to her (and her family, I mean it!) anytime they want a little SF getaway. Thank you friend, for making my birthday weekend special.

This was my fourth visit with Missa, and I adore her more each time I see her. She has a sensitivity that is exquisite and I feel honored to get to know her…and happy that she doesn’t live too far away. I think our girls are up for more playdates together…which means that their mommies are too!

As I went to sleep the night of the altar festival, I had a sudden envisioning of each of our blog friends…the ones who know each other and also the ones who may not be connected but who I hold dear. I saw each as they would be as their secret magical self…if I could draw manga like Miyazaki. In particular, Missa would have the universe behind her, crowned with stars, and a veil of filament radiating down and through her. Anne would shine with the sacred, immaculate heart of Mary, fierce and devoted, surrounded by children. Each of you danced through my minds eye…but I’ll keep it to myself in case I ever figure out how to bring the vision down through art.

The weekend was so full and bountiful that I feel a bit limp with trying to express it all here. This will have to be enough for now, especially as this post is nearing epic proportions, but I will leave you with a couple more baby snacks.

Milla, I passed the shirt you sent Fern along to Marianne. Your spirit was also so in the mix, as your packages arrived with perfect timing on Friday afternoon.

And congratulations to everyone who voted for Obama. Can I get a collective sigh of relief? I don’t think any Romney fans read this blog, but I will say that I hope today is not too dreary for you, and also…we’re still all in this together, no matter who is leading us. I’m on your team.


7 thoughts on “The Morning After

  1. Oooh, I love the description of your magical vision of me! Thank you for all your sweet words actually, the feelings are completely mutual πŸ™‚

    Glad to hear you made it out to Bloomfield Farms, wish I could have joined you all for that too.

    I need to get to work on my post!

    p.s. SUCH a bummer about 37 😦

  2. what a wonderful 40th birthday present, mary, with you ladies all getting together….. such fun, i can tell and the little ones loved it just as much… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Ohhhhhh I’m bummed for you that Elizabeth wasn’t able to make it….but delighted I got to see and read some of your visit with Missa and Anne. I love the visions you had of them. Nekkid bebes! And high five for Obama! I just got back from a family gathering with some faraway relatives, and I always feel so awkward. Back to divorce-era teenage me, yeeeuck

  4. oh mary! you and jeff were the best! i was so thankful after a couple a hours with you because i knew it wouldn’t be weird. you know what i mean? you both made me feel right at home and at ease. and i’m also glad i got to spend a good chunk of time with you, what a treat! and i’m a sassypants am i??? haha ruben said your description of me is perfect. i remember when i started my blog a friend of mine said, “a cup full of sunshine??? i don’t really think of you that way but ok.” i had to let her know that i was not the cup of sunshine, my blog was πŸ˜€ yeah, that doesn’t really make sense. anyway, i’m going to be posting today about the weekend so i’ll be gushing over you and the weekend on me blog.

    much love to you and your sweet family!

  5. i’m obsessed with this visit together. i’ve been trying to get back here and comment for two days now πŸ™‚ you ladies rock my world and inspire and invite every good compassionate friendly blessing. soooo glad you got to spend your fortieth in such great company! and what a bevy of tiny blonde beauties!!! the wagon ride looks like pure magic and such lovely mama-ponies to pull it along. i smile ear to ear when i see you all together!!! one of these days lucy and i gotta get in on the fun πŸ™‚

  6. Finally! I’ve been coming back here to comment for so many times, but each time my heart just swells with so much love and admiration and I find myself speechless. You girls and your girls are so dear. I would have loved to spend more time with all of you and enjoy this little insight into Anne’s sassy side, I can’t wait to experience that side of her. Thank you for sharing your time with these lovelies.

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