Wyldwood Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving, we took our thankfulness to the land.

Something inwardly restless, fiery and feral, has been bucking against captivity. Despite cooling temperatures, I am drawn outdoors longer and longer each day. It is my good fortune to have family and friends that will accept the invitation for adventure.

This time, it all began with smoked milk.

Folk traditions bring out my own brand of crazy.

Inspired by Cauldrons and Crockpots, we used Thanksgiving as an excuse to make exotic hot chocolate. Uncle Shaners, ever a friend in kitchen mischief, was my accomplice.

Taking four cups of goat milk, a self-igniting charcoal (next time I’d use a briquette), pine bark and spill and some janky maneuvering, we imparted the most exquisite flavor of deep forest and fall mornings. Add to that rich dark chocolate and Jameson whiskey and well…I’m not exaggerating when I say it was one of the top five gastronomical delights of my life.

We bottled up two thermoses, and a picnic of butternut squash soup, Shane’s falafels and hummous, raw pumpkin fudge and drove down to Purisima Creek Redwoods. Ravenous at the trailhead, we sat down to feast by the side of the road.


Jeff demonstrating the size of vessel he’d like his smoked hot cocoa in.

This was only the second time I’ve ever been part of a totally vegetarian Thanksgiving. Usually I bring the non-meat option to family gatherings. I wasn’t aware of how much the dead bird dampened the holiday for me, until we celebrated without it. All parts of my heart were able to come to the table, and while I’m sure there will be future meals with deceased turkeys, this was a good reminder to advocate for just exactly what I need. A younger self, one dedicated to protecting wild animals and who took up Artemis as her muse, was delighted without the compromise.

Enter the wyldwood.

Time deepened and I entered into conversation with the forest. She told me tales of mycorrhizal webs, consciousness under the earth and trees entwined in rootsy friendship. Laughing, she wove frayed filaments with ferny fingers and beckoned my feet to slow. Lush compost sang forest propaganda for the organic life.

Does this remind anyone else of Lord Okkoto? Two people understood that. For the rest of you, can you see the boar?

I’ve recently begun working with The Wildwood Tarot. I would give it a mixed review, but our Thanksgiving walk certainly held some of that deep forest magic.

Deep gratitude.

How was your Thanksgiving?

So have you entered the giveaway yet? Your magical garden will attract plant devas like boozers to an open bar. That’s not quite the metaphor, but anyway…if you’ve got a hankering for mystery, I can supply.

I’ll be back on friday with our regularly scheduled programming.


7 thoughts on “Wyldwood Thanksgiving

  1. OMG that smoked milk sounds fantastic! Did you guys make it up? It sounds like a lot of work but i am very intrigued. Also, that banana slug is one of the most yellow i have seen! We had a vegan Thanksgiving with friends the weekend before Thanksgiving, then the regular American Thanksgiving with family-friends on the day of the holiday. We were gald to get to experience both, as well as the people at both.

    1. we didn’t make it up…click on “smoked milk” in the post…it will take you to cauldron and crockpots and the directions. it actually wasn’t that labor intensive. i def recommend it! better yet, come over and i’ll make it for you.xoxo

  2. Missed you! I can see the dampness in the forest…the seasons really have changed now….I was out digging up all the grasses and weeds that took over our (last years disastrous) veggie plot….the earth was HARD and dry. The seasons have changed here too. I have tomatoes in pots this year, not trusting the weather after the heavily rainy Summer last year that burst all of my toms. But so far, so good. Whisky and chocolate and smokey woodsy offerings eh…..that in itself sounds pretty scrumptious. And hey! are those stripey red leggings pre-loved from Mia? Fern is styling them up. xo

  3. Hey!!! You were in my neck of the woods! Purisima is our go to place for a big dose of “ahhhhhh” (exhale) and “aaaaaah” (awe). It is the closest thing to the Redwoods of my home near Big Sur and while I bet I could explore other hiking places on the coastside, when we want to be with the trees, that’s where we go. What a perfect place for Thanksgiving- and the whether was great!!!

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