Magical Trine

Happy Monday beauties. We almost got washed away here on the Pacific Coast over the weekend, but the dawn has dried her eyes, and the sunrise over downtown was a fiery glow. Here we are, into December, and I hope that it is greeting you with a combination of anticipation and also trust, that you can, and will, meet the holy daze in your best grace.

I don’t know how folks who host giveaways do it. I suppose it’s easier if you only have one item of something and therefore can only send it to one person. In my case, I seriously considered offering to send a magical garden kit to everyone who entered, just because spreading the love sounded that good. However, spreading myself thin sounded terrible. So after consulting with my heart, the plant devas, hawk guides and the sunrise, I decided I have enough bandwidth to send out three sweet seed packages. And so! Picked out of a hat, with intention for those who need seed magic the most, the winners are…

Anne! (And you say you never win anything!)

Milla! (It’s my honor to think my little seeds will contribute to a garden already full of the magic of YOU.)

Denise! (Who says, I would love the seeds- I have a huge yard in Ashland Oregon with a “wild” area and the seeds could flourish there. May it be so!)

Denise and Anne, please send me your snail mail addies (I already have yours, Milla darling) and I will pop your green blessings into the mail this week. Contact me at terrallectualism at gmail dot com.

Due to stormy skies, there was no photo documentation this weekend. Here is a smattering of visions from the preceding weeks that have been waiting for their moment.

This was a couple of weeks ago, but I watched our hawk friend hunting in the rain on Saturday. More than once these past few days, I have thought of how hard it is to be a bird. As Lisa Mueller says, “leading their own discreet lives of hunger and watchfulness.”

Which is why I put out the heavy heads of droopy sunflowers. I placed them in late afternoon, and by morning this was the result. Other hungry beings accepted my offering…rats. I had pet rats for years, so I was pleased to find the traces of their nibbles.

Here in the bay, tender greens are making a reappearance. This chickweed was growing in my garden. I harvested a huge bunch and dried it, then ground it to use as green powder in smoothies (you gotta sift it though, to get out little stemmy stringy ickies).

Our apple trees in Shasta County didn’t produce this year. While in conversation, the trees told me of the confusion from seasons out of rhyme. Oh climate change. The new normal.

Apple of my eye.

What I wore one day: sweater: thrifted with Missa, dress: thrifted, hat: target, earrings: notah dineh (native owned and operated), medicine bag from Nicole‘s dream giveaway.

Illicit candy and apron from nicole.

Grandma Timmins sent us a crafty care package, including a kit for this wooden Frosty. He is Fern’s new BFF and he has already lost an arm and we’ve had to repaint the face. 

Mornings are always better with Uncle Shane.

No words.

This is what I did with that peck of peppers. Now they sit drenched in olive oil in the fridge, always at the ready to up the deliciousness quota of sandwiches and pasta.

Corn muffins, persimmons from Jan, coffee cup from ever growing collection of vintage vessels. (I might be developing a problem, since I keep amassing more and can’t stop).

Raw brownies from Anne’s recipe.

And…Thanksgiving weekend with the cousins…(Kristen, I have photos of the kids to send you…)

Leaf matching.



Glad tidings to all of you!


11 thoughts on “Magical Trine

  1. nice to see a pic of you and jeff as a couple, finally. we don’t get to see you together (in photos) too often, you know. also, great outfit!

  2. yay! i won! it must be an early christmas miracle! and i just so happen to have an empty pot which i keep looking at wondering what to plant in it. i no longer have to wonder and look forward to planting the seeds. i’ll email you my adress 😀

    i love your outfit and the pictures of you and jeff!

  3. I’m not 100% sure, but i think the snow dots falling down all over your blog page just made me really whimsy and nostalgic, and made me have Bing Crosby and the Andrews sisters version of Jingle Bells in my head while I read this…… This post was incredibly cozy for me! Especially that last photo of you two ….it’s so lovable. Dear me, love you all.
    HA! Just noticed Ferns finger all the way up in her nose……hahahahahahah…..children….all class, all the time right. (just wait til she gets her first lot of itchy butt worms)

  4. dude you guys are cuties!!! i love your beautiful assortment of photos today and the little glimpses into life’s magic over there. especially with that crispy sweet little apple of your eye. having a daughter, ugh, it kills me. just explodes my world. congrats to your gracious winners and sweetest december blessings to you and your household!

  5. Eeep! Eeep! I won! I’m so thrilled! I had such a dismal garden year this last summer, with blight, deer, exhaustion and giving up. But next year I’ll be back with these magic seeds! Oh boy!

    The weather has been a little stormy here too, or rather blustery and squally. The tides are record high and I have a uncanny feeling that the little road between the ocean and our baseball feel is about to be covered by waves. Climate weirdness? I don’t know.

    Vintage cup addiction is the most dangerous one. A pretty teamug is so satisfying to drink from it’s almost impossible not to hoard these vessels. I have so many favorites and actually think it’s a good thing, because when one brakes, there’s always another comforting me.

    I love your colorful outfit and those sweet couple shots of you and Jeff AND Fern. Digging. Nose. Priceless.

    Thank you so much for all the fun and something special to look forward to.

  6. Wow lady, you are really gettin’ these outfit photos down! I love the mustard sweater on you, that whole outfit is completely adorable.

    Speaking of completely adorable, the photos of you and Jeff, and the last one especially, AMAZING, I can feel the love!

    Haha, the other way to listen, with your finger up your nose of course! Funny I don’t remember that part of the story from when I read it to her 😉

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