Heavy-weight Heart Lifter

Thank you all, for the support and encouragement on that last post. More than once I have recalled Missa‘s admonition of YOU CAN DO THIS. It’s been good to take a break from this space, to focus on other tasks (including sending off the give-away seeds, yay!), and I’ve actually made a bit of lee-way. This space is also a place of support, creativity and release however, and I miss y’all when I’m out of the loop. So I thought I’d pop in and say hi, and also give some props to our girl Sara, whose package of magic from far off lands has been going a long way in sustaining my spirits.


As a birthday present to meeeeee, I treated myself to one of her amazing (and oh so timely) woodland hats. I also picked up one of her pointy knitted caps for Jeff.

No one was home when the package arrived, and I jumped around squealing when I first tried on my hood. Both are so lush, thick and comfy. I have only taken mine off to steal Jeff’s for the day.


I have worn some variation of this outfit for the past two weekends. I’ve loved embodying the archetype of Little Red Cap. And it draws out kindred spirits in cahoots…Sara, I think I’ve passed along your etsy shop to at least five strangers. I hope it drums up some business for you!



I told Sara that it’s not often I become the owner of something that feels so “me”. Just as getting a long awaited tattoo feels, on some level I’ve already been wearing this hat for a long, long time. 😉

Yes it’s just a hat. But it’s a magic hat. (I’ve been overusing that term lately. What to do when it applies to so much?)




Ok, that’s a lot of me. These outfit shots are getting easier and I just did a whole post about a hat. Whaddya know? It’s less painful when I’m not feeling like such a self-conscious dweeb.

Which is still not 100% of the time.

I shake it off by dancing like an idiot. The upside of this photo is it looks like the BBW is coming after me.

Red Riding Hood: forestlass (%15 off holiday sale!), feather necklace: vintage pin from mom on ball chain, crescent wolf necklace: nicole (whose box of wonders also have been lighting up my days), dress and belt and jacket: thrifted, everything else: target.

I feel so lucky and grateful for the generosity extended by my blog friends as of late. One late night as I wearily got ready for bed, I realized I was wearing something from Sara, Nicole, Sadie, Anne and Milla. My days are also infused from the pretties given to me by Teeny, Missa, Heather and Jenny! My heart is uplifted by the thought of all these loving hearts. Thank you lovers.

To give encouragement to our tired inner elves, I also braved the top of our rickety ladder and did this on Saturday:




When I need a little twinkle infusion, I step out onto the steps at night and bask.

Not sure if I’ll make it back here this week, but do know that I am still checking in on you all and following along…just not much time to comment. Much love and I will pass along Missa’s words of encouragement for all the busy-ness in your life: WE CAN DO THIS.


8 thoughts on “Heavy-weight Heart Lifter

  1. That hat is so sweet (and you look so sweet in it). The fairy lights look incredible! Despite the waste of precious electricity, I can’t help but love seeing all the lights go up in my neighbourhood.

  2. Haha, me and Obama… YES WE CAN! You are lovely and still completely adorable in Sara’s red cap, what a perfect little white dress too. I really like the soft colored twinkly lights 🙂

  3. awesome hat from sara!!!!!! yes, mary, it is SO you!!!! 🙂 love it. 🙂 your outfit rocks, as usual… 🙂 your decorating of the lights is so pretty… the dancing pic is too cute. :0 and yes, you can do this, we can all do this. 🙂 🙂 for sure.. 🙂

  4. This post makes me happy for a handful of reasons, but the most prominent is YOU. What’s more magical than your little red riding hood (and I’m pleased as a pickle to know that I could make something so resonantly you) is that beautiful inner light you radiate. You wear your skin with a confidence and grace that’s so hard to find, and it makes you even more beautiful than you already are.

    Fern is lucky to have such a strong, intuitive woman as her mother.

    I love you, dancing like a nutter. Let’s dance together sometime, eh?

    Also: THE HOBBIT, THE HOBBIT, THE HOBBIT! Can you believe it’s finally here!?!?

    One last thing… you should read the book, The Classic Fairy Tales, by Maria Tatar. It includes fairy tales as told by many different authors, and general analyses for each section by Tatar. There’s a Little Red section, a Bluebeard one, Beauty and the Beast… It’s an EXCELLENT read, and just your style, I think.

    Love, love.


  5. yes you can!! and you’ll do it all looking so, so cute!!

    i too have a housing “situation” i am going through that i will write about later (isn’t it lovely that we have an outlet like this?). i got a surprise $325/month rent increase while still in my lease, and instead of fighting it (because it is a faceless management corporation, there’s no one to talk to!), i decided to move. the stress and worry and future tripping was ridiculous, but i gained perspective way earlier in the trial than i normally would have.

    i truly believe everything happens for a reason. you’re blossoming.

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