Extreme Cold-Weather Conditions

Whew, what a wild and wooly weekend for you East Coasters, eh?


Fern’s Aunt Kelly had to take refuge with the cousins at Grandma and Grandpas house on the Cape…thank goodness for backup generators.


I can’t imagine being without power in a snowstorm…I just hope most folks have wood heat options.

Although this guy is phased by NOTHING.

Sigh. We really feel for you all. Winter can be long and cold and hard going. It was so rough for us this weekend that we had to take refuge at the beach.


Those highs in the 50s can be really brutal.


Leo tended fire. We hope all you freezing New Englanders have a sonic screwdriver to keep those flames high.


And know how to use it.



Remember, you don’t need electricity to cook your food.

Although you do need a little common sense, like…just because it’s cooking on the coals doesn’t mean it needs to sit there twice as long. Also, baked beans contain sugar, which chars nicely.

Thankfully, we brought other provisions.


Fern couldn’t stand the suspense. Never having had them before, she kept proclaiming I loooove marshmallows, while holding up a sausage and saying I wanna cook dis marshmallow.




We ate the whole bag. But they were small and vegan, which means they’re only half as bad for you as the Jet-puffed kind, right?





Even if it is winter, you can still go outside to play.




Play until the sun goes down.


An old friend recently took note that Fern’s new coat is like one I’ve always wanted, but “have never bought for myself”. And then I found this one, half off (= ridiculously cheap) at Buffalo Exchange. So now I have my own dreamcoat.




Good luck shoveling those driveways. I have to go vacuum the sand out of the bed.

(Snowy pics from The Daily Herald.)


6 thoughts on “Extreme Cold-Weather Conditions

  1. Gosh, I know. Today, I was like, “Shit, it’s cold. Let’s see what the temp is… oh… it’s 45*.” I believe the poor souls back east/west would call us spoiled. ;]

    I wonder what it was like for Fern to have her *first* marshmallow! Experiencing something for the first time must be so wonderful. Especially a marshmallow. Not too many real firsts like that left to have.

    I love all the beachy fun you guys had. Isn’t winter beach better than summer beach? Not too many people, not too hot, but still sand and surf. We need to take a fishing trip soon. Well, my dad fishes, and I run around on the beach like a maniac while Hayle and my mom laugh.

    Your coat is all kinds of perfection! So beautiful on you. Funnily enough, I just traded for a shearling vest on Etsy (I’ve been a vest fanatic ever since I was Fern’s age. It’s not normal, haha).

    Love you! xoxo

  2. Wooooow, you’re gorgeous. 🙂

    Fern’s reaction to the marshmallow is super cute. I’ve never had a vegan one… how do they compare? And I love all your beach shots, especially the sunset ones.

  3. Ferns first marshmallow! It sounds like the name of a really cute kids book. I could really use some snow, personally. Shearling coats are the best, I’m glad you have your dream coat 😉

  4. Hi sugar, i love Wintery beaches, especially if it’s windy. Glad you managed to get outside; I reckon my own fams spends more time outdoors in the cooler times than the hot ones. Something about being closed in for too long…and then in Summer, the sun here BEATS down burny, so we cower inside for a good portion of the day. Hasn’t stopped the sun burning up my skin tho. Those two littles are so cute, wonderful that they have a sibling in each other.

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