Full Moon in Virgo








Fern and I are both Virgo Moons.



8 thoughts on “Full Moon in Virgo

  1. We are still having mega-hot days, but the mornings are deliciously bitey. Only delicious because we know how hot the days will be. This has been a Sunny Summer, moreso than the last few. I am trying to be grateful and “make haste while the sun doth shine” so as to fully appreciate it before the long winter comes. x

  2. I love the picture of you and Fern. She looks so excitedly surprised. I’m very jealous that you have spring already. We’re still under several feet of snow here in Northern Michigan.

  3. love it.

    let me quote myself from our visit:

    i do not understand earth signs!!!!!!!!!

    and let me finish that thought:

    i do, however, think that virgos are the sexiest around.

    healing and mysterious. magic.

    somewhere in my stars there are a few obscure earth strains in me..
    jupiter in taurus? saturn in capricorn?
    it’s something like that. generally i am just painfully aware of how little of those earthen sensibilities flow through my psyche! too much fire!
    and for that i am constantly drawn to those who are quiet and earthy, desirous for their friendship.


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