The Fairy’s Slipper

We are all in love with the forest.


Driving up to Mt. Tamalpais on Sunday, both of the kids exclaimed when we drove onto Panaromic Hwy…The trees! Look at all the trees! Their sense that this is an unusual sight is surprising to me. After all, we get out so frequently, and while they know the urban scape, they still have so much of their innate wildness intact. We are conducting this experiment…creating hybrid humans. Part feral! Part civilized! All blended together in the revolutionary San Francisco air!

They are elfin at the core, already knowing just what it is they like to seek out and do once the pavement ends. They also know who has shoulders to ride on and who carries the breakfast cookies.


We think they’re fox holes. What do you think?

The forest is waking up. Spring is now undeniable.

Shooting Star.



All of us were delighted to find these secret beauties in all the shady nooks. The Calypso Orchid.


Otherwise known as the Fairy Slipper.


My little forest orchid.


Dear Acorn Woodpeckers, I love you.

Acorn Woodpeckers create granaries in trees. I asked Leo what he does when he brings groceries home. “Put them away.” Right, I said, so this is like a woodpecker pantry.

Our hike was another epic one. Fern was still primed from last week and has literally hit her stride when it comes to “long journeys” (as she puts it).




She started singing a song about farts in the forest.

How was your weekend?


8 thoughts on “The Fairy’s Slipper

  1. those orchids are beautiful! sounds like a perfect day. that’s awesome that fern is hiking so well, it makes outings much more fun when there aren’t a bunch of complaints from the little ones.

    we had a great weekend. visited a friend, gardened and enjoyed the 80 + weather!

  2. Fascinated by the pics of acorn woodpeckers, Having never heard of them, I’m wondering why woodpeckers around here don’t store there food like that. What a nice family outing. We are longing for spring around here. Yesterday I counted 15 robins in the front yard eating the last of the holly berries. Is it here? Love, Grandma

  3. This post really resonated with me. I was raised in a similar fashion, my parents hoping I’d be functional and comfortable both within society and without. The bay area is a great place to grow up this way; I like to think we have the best of both worlds. And, well, it worked 🙂 Although every once in a while I feel a little torn between my love for untainted wilderness and my fascination with modern society, the temporary paradox is well worth the wider understanding and appreciation I feel I have for both. I’m grateful every day to my parents for that. Your children are very lucky 🙂

    p.s. I’m Juliana and I love your blog!


  4. Ok, i had to skim read this cos i got to go out and get the kids from school, and there is cooked egg all through my hair cos the temperature of the water was too warm when i washed out my egg-poo; but i got to say. I LOVE FERN FOR SINGING ABOUT FARTS. Ah, poos, wees, bums and farts – their fascination with this lasts well into school years.

  5. gawd, i wish fern could hang out with gus….the fart songs would surely be taken to the next level. also, i wish i knew you guys better cuz i wanna hang that pic of fern sticking her tongue out on my fridge!!! love it!

  6. Just look at your gorgeous family! What a nice day out. We had a similar one this past weekend on our local ‘mountain’ (relatively teeny tiny Bray Head), I have plans to compose a post this evening featuring some of the images I captured… if I can grab an hour… they are as scarce as ever these days…
    I am fascinated by that woodpecker’s work! Amazing. I’m pretty sure we don’t have woodpeckers here. Mores the pity.

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