Soundtrack of Spring

Out the back door.

Out the front door.

On the stereo.

In my heart.

This goes out especially to our dear friend Missa.

In the home.







In and all around me. This soundtrack has become a ritual during March and April.

This link will play you the whole album.

And this song is especially exquisite.

What sounds encapsulate for you the cracking of fragile egg shells and the perfect joyous opening of young wildflowers to the sun and rain?

ps. Thank you for all the wisdom re: Fern and her social ability. You have put my heart at ease.

Have a beautiful weekend.


4 thoughts on “Soundtrack of Spring

  1. i really liked the song by martha scanlan! and of course all the birdies out your front and back doors 😀 the egg tree is super cool. what a fun mama you are!

  2. Ayy, we really are on the same wavelength, huh? I watched the views out your back and front doors, and doesn’t it look like one of the little robins (?) at the beginning of front door view has a worm in his/her beak? The others… I haven’t the time to listen now, but tonight, certainly.

    We’re going to make a bunch of eggs like that. Hayle’s really excited, and my mom doesn’t yet know she’s going to get dragged into making another craft. ;] Our chickens lay some really pretty colors, so I think we’ll leave theme undyed.


  3. oh man….you couldn’t know how moving I find that particular accordion song. Waves of sorrow and hope and happy….a life of short shallow frenetic breaths, and dancing, turning turning, turning in Andersen’s red shoes.
    Happy Spring x

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