Stop the H8

Your religion tells you I’m going to hell, but my conscience tells me you’re an asshole.

We went to the March for Equality on Monday.

Because Prop 8 should have died long ago.

Because we live in a city that is thriving proof of the beauty, joy and fabulousness of what happens when people can love (or just fuck) whoever they want to.

Because we believe in LOVE.

My camera died, but before it did I got a few crappy photos.





These are the photos I wish I’d gotten. From getty images.





Also, environmental activists need to take a few notes from the LGBTQ Rights movement. Namely, it can really help your cause if you have a giant sound system blasting dance tunes leading the parade march.

I don’t know what will go down today with the Supreme Court, but in a way I think it doesn’t matter. The Right to Marry is happening, so best to just step aside.

This post is offered to my friends… Linda-Susan and Emily, Uncle Shane, Uncle Paul, Zak and Corey, Mama Jax, Gabriel, Gianna, Cleo, Polly, and most especially…to Dion, my first and best friend all through grade school. I don’t know where you are, but I witnessed what you went through and I hope that you have risen above it all now. You offered me unconditional friendship, and you have my undying loyalty. To all of you, you have my love and support.


5 thoughts on “Stop the H8

  1. Love you too, Mary! Great post, great pix! I was busy preparing lemons for marmlade so I just listened to all the happenings on the radio rather than heading to the Castro. Your love and support are so greatly appreciated. xxoo

  2. “Your religion tells you I’m going to hell, but my conscience tells me you’re an asshole.”

    I loooooove this. So much. I’m prolly gonna say it. ❤

  3. Right on! While I do believe that in a wider level perhaps we need to discuss the whole institution of marriage in broader terms, I do think that on an individual level, folks need to be able to live and love in a way that society affords them and really hope that we can finally put this to (the marriage) bed and stop being so embarrassingly behind the times.

    While I was in Finland a citizen’s ballot initiative on equal marriage rights collected the required 50 000 in less than a day since it went online even as we read the supreme court coverage. Made me feel so proud of both of my country men-we’re changing things for better for more folks!

    And yes to loud dance tunes.

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