Weathering Heights

Before her eyes were even open this morning, Fern turned her head to me and said,

Mama. In the morning. When we get up. I’m going to ask you. Politely. IfIcanhavetherestofmycandy.

And that folks, just about sums up our Easter. But I can give you a visual too.

Our activities have centered around All Things Spring for the last month. From wildflowers to watching the finches build their next above the door, to dipping eggs and planting seeds, we have taken very seriously Margaret Atwood’s proclamation that “in Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt”. (Thanks for that quote, Sadie).

But sometimes we stayed indoors and filled orders from the Easter Rabbit herself. Make your own damn eggs, she said.

Last year, we did something similar, but the kids couldn’t figure out how to get the candy out. So this year we came up with the string method. Wrapped it around and left one end sticking out.

Instruction first.


And they did the rest.



Yeah, this photo is about the vest. $2 in the kids section at a Goodwill! Also, it’s nice to see my meadowlark. Hello there.

Paper mache was a big hit, so we did it again. I’ll be scraping crusty bits of water and flour off surfaces for the rest of the season.



Our Easter Eve began with promise.


Adorable vintage image banner and bird house project from Grandma Timmins. Kathy, you’re a STAR.

I extracted myself quietly from Fern’s body the next morning and snuck out into the hallway, candy in hand. I left a trail from both our bedroom, and also the room where Jeff and Leo were sleeping, leading to the promised land. It worked beautifully, both kids following and eating the trail all through the house. Now I wish I’d set some kind of trap, just because it would have worked.






To counteract their day of candy, I had ingeniously thought of making them breakfast “cupcakes”. Basically, gluten-free peanut butter muffins with cream cheese and jam “frosting”.


Leo set the tone with “Ewwww, these aren’t cupcakes. I don’t like them. Gross.” and Fern followed suit.

Jeff and I ate them instead, eyeing each other warily over our tea. Oh, so it’s going to be one of those days, is it?

While the kids were investigating all flavors of jelly beans, I snuck out to the garden to finish the job.

Our original tissue paper eggs didn’t dry hard enough, so Fern and I had spent another day adding the little flowered bits.






Ready to get their hunt on.








Fern is a pro at putting her socks on. Both on her feet, and also on her hands as “mittens”.


The string method worked perfectly!




Sharing with our new housemate Cary. Cary heard us heading out and jumped out of bed…she wanted to celebrate Easter too!



No Mother. Her Rabbit WASN’T saying “Oh please don’t bite off my ears”. No, her chocolate bunny was SILENT. Not that I’m still scarred or anything.

Look at this nice, healthful picture, in preparation for the next one.

My teeth hurt just looking at this.

Ok! They hated the cupcakes! Let’s go to brunch instead!


Brunch included a lot of screaming for crayons. No! The purple crayon! The purrrrrrrrple oooooonnnnnne.

Let’s move on. We went to Precita Park and let them run it off.




Trying to do outfit shots turned into a lot of things…

Like Kate Bush impersonations…


And air electrical harp…


Ahem. Where were we? Ah yes, Easter.

We got caught in a downpour, which we let the kids run around in. Baptism, you know?






Two hours before Leo had to go home. Jeff and I still eyeing each other with caution. Another coffee? Yes. Go back inside? Oh hell no.

So we went to Bernal Hill and let them climb mountains.





Mama walked labyrinths.


And collected Wild Radish blossoms for dinner.


We had our first house dinner with our new configuration of roomies.







Into the arms of nourishing abundance.

Nettle pesto pizza with potatoes and broccolini. Roasted spicy brussel sprouts with rice. And Keenan made a sweet potato and cauliflower mash with asiago that was born to be made into left over breakfast patties.

And I will leave you with that…this image of nutritious and comforting foods. Because I will be spending the rest of the day trying to wrangle the candy bucket out of Fern’s arms. She can have the rest of her candy…whatever’s left after it just “disappears” into the compost.

Do tell me, how was your weekend? Did you celebrate Easter? If not, have you been celebrating Spring in anyway?

(Pssst…my guest post is up over at The Girl Who Married a Bear. It doesn’t get more real than this.)


8 thoughts on “Weathering Heights

  1. you are such an amazing mother, without being annoying and intimidating about it.
    Also, questions:
    is that garden all yours?
    someday, I want a Mary’s tattoos post with photos and descriptions
    how are your school conundrums going?

    off to read guest post

    1. rachel, that is the community garden right next door. we have a plot, but not the whole thing. i wish! i will carefully consider your request for a tattoo post and i will also be bugging you and mb very soon with schooling questions. going. insane.

  2. Damn. I just wrote a big long comment and then lost it. f*CK. Okay, let’s reiterate…..I love your Easter, children bring the magic to it don’t they. I can understand why Cary joined in the hunt. You put alot of effort into it mama, hope you’re proud! We hid a big bunny under each of the kids pillows and then some shiny foiled hollow little eggs around their rooms. From our room downstairs we heard them wake up squealing AND the neighbours kids head outside shrieking excitedly on their own hunt. heh. They ATE THEM ALL THAT MORNING. sick bellies. ANd out to my mum’s for a family pot luck; which was a fitting way to end the day. Wuthering Heights is part of the soundtrack to my childhood….I used to dance around the living room to it, and trying to make Kate Bush like noises, pretty sure I failed. Even hearing it now I am going to get up and sway a bit with ballet arms.
    I read your post over at Millas. Incredible. I’m going to comment there now.
    Happy Easter darlin.

  3. hahaha! i LOVE the kate bush impersonation!

    there’s so much radness in this here post- the eggs, the decorations, the chocolatey faces, the flowers and you and your sweet family! it’s good to see jeff’s smiling face too, tell him i said hi 😀 and HELLO!!!! (said in a mike meyers voice) that meal! now that is INSPIRING! hehehe of course, you are always inspiring. so it’s good to know we inspire each other with lots of inspiring crafts, food and ideas ;D love ya!

  4. I giggled my way through this whole post… except for the Kate Bush impression part. That part made me laugh right out loud. Oh, and your post on Milla’s blog ripped me wide open. As your posts tend to do. 😉

  5. This post made me laugh out loud too! Such fun! The Easter bunny came to our house too and stole (ahem) the girls’ baby bottles that they had STILL been going to bed with. Apparently the bunny has LOTS of babies (as bunnies tend to;)) and he needed the bottles. He left some soft toy bunnies, some wooden carved bunnies and a sweet book called Pelle’s New Suit, along with a tiny amount of chocolate. Tiny amount because I knew what would happen later that day… We have 18 easter eggs on the top shelf in our kitchen. EIGHTEEN!! It’s insane. Crazy festival!

    You are super gorgeous btw. Off to read your post at Milla’s place xx

  6. Rainbow! Your red dress! Fern on the hill! I love your easter crafts, the sharing of chocolate by children (shock. awe.), the sweet, funniness of this post. You are such an inspiration, girl, be it raw and immediate from your wild heart, or everydays and celebrations. I adore you.

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