Known and Unknown


Pipevine Swallowtail

Owl Clover

Oh, helloooo…

Plantain Flower (I love when they have tutus!)

Poppies and the home of 17 years.

Almost stepped on this gopher snake. If you think there might be something to that, you are probably right. Something about shadow integration work and other snakey things.




We’re off to Shasta County. Home of my heart. But not immediately the home of my future. And there are unknowns, unknowns I have been carrying around, stupefied, for the past five years…Can I let this go? What does that even look like?

Mixed in with the unknown are more knowns. That the weather will be glorious. That mornings at Vulture Flats will be rewarding. That wildflower peeping will be blissful. That I love who my family becomes when we have the space to unravel and come back together as our best selves.

See you mid next week!


One thought on “Known and Unknown

  1. Here it is! I remember my instinct upon reading this was to try and give answers. But I don’t have them anyway. I was tickled by those peeping owl faces though. xo

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