When the Relatives Came

When I arrived at the house in Shasta County last Friday, I stepped out of the car and froze. Crossing a corner of our property were the tracks of an ATV. I walked up to examine them, bending over to lift up the bent stems of wildflowers. Standing in their midst, I surveyed the scene and had the deja vu of living through the same sequence twice. I had dreamt of this the night before.


One of Fern’s favorite bits about going to my childhood home are all my old toys stored in closets and the garage. Weepuls ascend upon the doll house inhabitants, mingling with Muffy the Daggit (points if you get that reference).

For the past two months, I’ve had dreams nearly every night about our property up there. Always about the influence of people on, or close to the parameters. People crossing fences, riding ATVs across the orchard, building things in the next pasture over. During this trip, I found physical evidence of many of the instances I’d dreamt of.

This was a frequent morning scene that melted my heart. We always make a stop at the big Goodwill in town, where we come home with arm-fulls of books. One of her new favorites is The Relatives Came. An extended family arrives for the summer, and the house turns into happy chaos. Kind of like this…




Whateveritis has been lurky, but quiet, during my last few visits. During our first few days up there this time, I noticed the house felt very peaceful, even happy. The first night without Jeff was easy, not in the least bit scary.

You know what’s coming, don’t you?

The doll house inhabitants like to work on their three vintage cars, and just like any authentic local, the cars are usually parked in the front yard.

Monday morning we were in the kitchen, nibbling on breakfast, having hot winks and tea. I was day dreaming out the window when Fern said, “What did you say Mommy?”

“I didn’t say anything honey.”

“But what was that? That whisper that said Sern (Fern)?”

“You heard a whisper? Who was whispering to you?”


“People far away or people close to you?”

“Far away.”

Mmmm hmmm. Oh hi there Whateveryouare. Nice to know you are ready to get up close and personal.

Mommy was also an engineering rock star and was able to fix this little Merry-go-train, which was suffering from battery corrosion and desperately in need of a tune-up.

The little train is weighted and has hooks to catch on pick up and drop off points. The little passengers have wheelie balls on the bottom. The train picks them up at the ferris wheel and drops them off at the slide.

This is probably the only mega-plastic toy Fern will play with. But this is vintage 1980s plastic folks…quite special.

Later that day, in the afternoon, I again was in the kitchen and Fern was playing with the weepuls in the adjacent room. Suddenly she called out for me. I went to her and found her in the hallway, facing the bedroom door, which was partially closed.

“Mommy, can you lock up that door? There’s something in there.”

I shut the door tight and waited with her until she gave me the ok to open it again.

Guess how well I slept that night? We left the next day, as I was unwilling to go through another slumber with bones frozen in fear at every odd noise. (And there are a LOT of odd noises as the house cools down at night. It’s absurd.)

Since coming back to SF, I am dreaming of the house again. Two nights ago, there were people in the back yard and dinosaurs inside. This morning I awoke when, in my dream, someone knocked loudly on the front door.

I wonder who it was?


6 thoughts on “When the Relatives Came

  1. As someone who has lived in and through a few situations like this… I feel major goosebumps! I’m guessing you’ve tried “cleaning” w sage, sweetgrass, crystals and such. oh my… It sounds heavy? I’m on facebook if you wanna talk more about this.

  2. It kind of makes me cross that whateveritis is going through Fern. But she is protected and fostered well by you, so I’m sure she’ll be fine. The dreams are the most uncanny! That you are so in tune with whateveritis is just profound! Have you had any other psychic experiences unrelated to whateveritis?
    I wish my toys were in such good condition as yours. Fern is a little angel hun.

  3. a true ghost story.
    what’s there to fear (except for fearing?)?
    thank you for sharing all of your flower friends,
    i feel them enjoying your company…
    what lovely faces breathing and being.

    i get the shaman dropping and crystals flashing..
    when i’m out and about around suburbia
    i generally don’t have shoes or a bra…

    when i’m out amongst my wild forest friends i dress for comfort and functionality, the shiny scarves are shed slowly.

    it’s not about proving a point, it’s just another sub-conscious form of


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