Monkey See, Monkey Do


Micro-kite flying and abandoned Dandelion picking at Alamo Square with Uncle Shane.








The Finch babies outside our front door are turning into fledglings. Their once barely audible peep peeps for food now go off like adolescent alarms every 15 minutes. Both parents are engaged in finding food…and obviously exhausted. I also suspect that they spend 5 minutes hunting for food and 10 minutes at the Bird Bar, just trying to catch a break from their little darlings.

(Update! We have lift-off! After writing this post, I heard lively commotion out front…just in time to see the first baby fledge! Now its sibling is still in the nest, sadly peeping at being left behind. What a big moment!)

Mommmmmmmmm! Can I borrow the car?

Mom, waiting for me to leave. Or thanking me for babysitting.

We went to Huckleberry Preserve in the East Bay Hills. From their page:

Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve is an ecological jewel. The native plant community here is found nowhere else in the East Bay. It represents a relic plant association found only in certain areas along California’s coast where ideal soil and climatic conditions exist. The vegetation association of Huckleberry Preserve finds its roots in past climates and geologic history. The plants originated in the distant past along the southern coast of California when the climate was moister and tempered by the cool coastal fog.


While I saw a few rarities, the most abundant and thriving species seemed to be Poison Oak. Fern took to walking stiffly between plants with her arms raised. Poison Oak, the bandit of the woodlands…stick ’em up.


Western, or Crimson, Columbine. Indigenous uses included as perfume. Awww.

Western Starflower.

Western Elfea.

Hedgenettle. A medicinal catch-all.

Pacific Coast Iris.

The kids began with great enthusiasm, and then spent the next hour and a 1/2 in the moody equivalent of this.

Fern’s first ever photo.

From right to left…Hear No Evil, See No Evil…and Just Kinda Evil.

How was your weekend?

P.S. Every day is Earth Day. But you knew that.


6 thoughts on “Monkey See, Monkey Do

  1. AAAAHH poison oak! Run away! Gah. I get itchy just looking at pictures of that stuff. Seriously… I’m so itchy right now! I got absolutely covered in poison oak rash every single summer growing up, was even hospitalized with it once when my dad was burning brush and I inhaled the fumes and wound up with it in my ESOPHAGUS. Ugh. Memories of cold baths with baking soda and going to bed with socks on my hands so I couldn’t scratch in my sleep. But did that keep me out of the trees & bushes? Nope.

    Hear no evil, see no evil and just kinda evil made me laugh out loud. For reals.

    Happy Earth Day!

  2. I want to “like” Millas comment. You are owning that jumpsuit. x
    ps. speaking of evil…Mia is doing my hair for me, it is akin to having your hair pulled out of your head one clump at a time.

  3. Aaaah, Alamo Square… I once sat in the grass there for a long , long time contemplating what to do next just after I broke up with a boyfriend. I was supposed staying with him, I had no money and my flight date home was three weeks later…. It all worked out fine, I tracked some Irish friends down, went with them to Burning Man and couch surfed for the rest of the time!!

    I love that picture of Fern posing in the grass. I love your jumpsuit. I love that we don’t have Poison Oak in Ireland … but doesn’t it look pretty and completely innocuous?!

  4. Wow, just dropped by for a little peek to remind myself just how lovely it is to read and see your world. Not that I need a bit of reminding. Its al go here in my neck of the woods, with ups and downs and just about all arounds too. Hope to catch up with you soon. xx

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