Seeds of Promise

May has arrived and we are calling it Summer. These last few days have found us more out than in, and there never seems to be a good enough reason to go home.

On Saturday Fern and I spent the day in Golden Gate Park. We rode the carousel (twice), fell over on the bike (twice), and wandered into the Botanical Garden. Did you know that it’s free for SF residents? Neither did I. All these years living here, I could have gone every day. Lucky for us, we went at just the perfect time…the time of blooming.









We ended our afternoon at the drum circle by hippy hill. The day had been a little difficult, and I called Jeff at one point and jokingly asked if he could Google something for me, “Find out if it’s officially Asshole Day in San Francisco.”. We’d had several bizarre encounters, enough to make me wonder if there had been an official decree. At any rate, Fern and I got our dance on and the drum circle seemed to be particularly inspired. It was the perfect medicine.


The next morning, we hustled early and headed up to Bloomfield Farms for another U-Pick Sunday and brunch.

From their FB page. Why yes, yes that IS an apple fritter I’m smiling about.

She’s such a boss.





Why all the seeds? Check it:

Bloomfield Farms is honored to help grow the heirloom “Pumpkin & Squash Pile” for the 2013 National Heirloom Exposition. With seeds contributed by our friends at the Baker Seed Company & Petaluma Seed Bank our family figured… “What better way to do this then to get families and kids involved, from planting to harvest out on a working organic and GMO-free farm!!!”


Fern has gotten wise to what this whole photography thing is about, and scampered to me with every pick.




Along with two types of kale, collard greens, artichokes, gem lettuces, chinese cabbage and arugula, we also picked 5 baskets of strawberries. We just couldn’t help ourselves. I’ve had big dreams of a gluten-free pie, but so far they’re disappearing fast, dipped into cashew cream.



Ever wonder what ladybug larvae looks like? Now you know.

The day was gusty and the dusty earth was sprinkled with rain a few times. But it wasn’t too cold and we were having too much fun to care.





Nick and the folks at Bloomfield have started something incredible… may just revolutionize and decentralize food distribution. He talked about it extensively and his enthusiasm is beyond contagious. Spread the word and become a mobster yourself.

Loaded up with two full bags of veggies, we swung by Mill Valley to scoop up Leo, and headed to Tennessee Valley.

Parts of this trail have been rehabilitated…this section boasts a thriving native bunchgrass population. You know those brown dry hills, covered with wild oats that feels like quintessential California? Yeah, didn’t used to be like that. 1% of our native grasslands remain. As Fern gets older and I get more time, I may become a crazy lady of the prairies, ripping out Scotch Broom and carrying around plugs and seeds of grasses to transform the wildscape wherever I go.

Although I may go crazy long, long before the kids are grown. At the sight of a slight incline, Leo became a whining zombie. Fern, who’d had a 10 minute nap, was his banshee cheerleader. Bless their hearts, I remember how hard or frustrating hiking could be as a kid.


Lots of thimbleberry teasing.




We enrolled Fern in the online Herb Fairies course last month, and both kids are loving it. I showed Fern the plantain flowers with their tutus, and she held out her hands and said, “Oh, oh, I’m hurt. I need a nature bandaid. I need a poultice”. She pointed out a microscopic scratch and we wrapped a bruised leaf around it. The stories talk about fairies, trolls and plant magic, and the kids re-enacted the whole way. There were small grumblings about How come we haven’t seen any fairies, but then I found some proof of their presence, and everything was better.

No, this isn’t Fairy scat. Fairy DUST, people.



The children in the stories get to go to the Fairy Herb Garden when they are sprinkled with fairy dust. Leo sprinkled himself and made wishes and Fern began to sing, Oh I’m shrinking and it tingles.

Sometimes I do wish they could stay this age forever.


A friend found on the trail.

How was your weekend?


3 thoughts on “Seeds of Promise

  1. i’ve decided that if i need a dose of spring i’ll just come here! hehehe always such pretty pics. my weekend was uneventful but nice 🙂

  2. Haha, whining zombie, I like that. We have one of those too. Maaaaan! Cropmobster! What an ace idea! Do you substitute “cropmobster” for “rocklobster”….as in the B52s song? Cos now I have “Cropmobsterrrrrr” in my head.
    Happy Spring/Summer to you and yours.

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