Hot Mess

So far this memorial day weekend…

Plantain salve making…


Note dehydrator with mugwort on the table. That gadget, btw, was a $5 score at the thrift a few years ago. I still feel lucky every time I use it.

Magic received from Turkey…

Sara, Fern puts the fabric on her head and runs around the house yelling, “I’m the Queen of the Stars!”

And I loved everything, thank you letter forthcoming. xo

Family hijinks at Koshland Park…








The kids have been watching a little league baseball game every Weds night in Berkley, before they go out to dinner with dad. I broke my no plastic rule to buy a cheap wiffle ball and bat at our neighborhood Safeway…



Hula hoops were used for bases.



Other activities not pictured…barbequeing, dinner with ex-housemate at her new pad, crafting…

And I got a haircut. A lousy haircut. I brought in photos, gave clear instructions, lost four inches of length and wound up with nothing even remotely close to what I wanted. Anne, I’m remembering this post and feeling your pain.

Getting a bad haircut is like going out and spending your precious scarce income on an ugly dress…an ugly dress that you only realize is ugly once you try it on at home and it adheres itself to your body. You have to wear it every day and everyone gets to see you in it. Nothing to do but wait until it deteriorates off your body…or in the case of a haircut, grows itself out.

Good thing I have something to distract me from my hot mess.

How’s your long weekend?


5 thoughts on “Hot Mess

  1. oh my god….that is hilarious. Poor Buster. Look at the kids playin in the sun, memories for their adulthood you’re making there.
    And, I’m sorry to hear about your hair, dear. That is not cool. Not cool at all.
    Miss and loves

  2. Haha, I recognize that fabric! I sent it to Turkey from Colorado, via Arizona during the bioregional swap. And it made its way to SF to become a head piece for the queen of stars. Magic! I love that.

  3. ahahahaha! I was watching the G.O.B. episode last night and just DYING laughing. I kinda am crushing on Will Arnett hard… Boo for bad haircuts, sorry lady, i chopped mine off into a fun (har har) bob last summer and it’s barely at my shoulders. it just takes forever to grow 😦 Your hood looks so sunny and sweet. It’s been way too long since I’ve visited the magical land of sf. happy day! xo m

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