Stone Fox

Remember that haircut I mentioned in my last post? Well, how could you forget? Or rather, how could I forget…meaning I can’t.

Three mornings in a row this past weekend I was reduced to tears because I couldn’t do anything with my new style. Or lack there-of.

I’m no Christina Hendricks, but I took a little advice from Joan Holloway, You want to be taken seriously? Stop dressing like a little girl.

When, in desperation on day three, I flipped my hair over to the opposite part, it created a natural bouffant. Add to that my new five dollah dress from the Goodwill, plus the couch my parents used to drink martinis on, and you got yourself an impromptu photo shoot. My inner burlesquer dug her way out from the laundry pile that is motherhood.








Five minutes later I was back in my swimsuit and out the door to Whiskeytown Lake. Which reminds me…oh yeah, we’ve been out of town! I have several back logged posts for you, but thought I’d warm you up then cool you down…lemonade from lemons and all that.

(This post is dedicated to Sarah Klein, aka Sparkly Devil. Thank you for everything, and especially for reminding me of the importance of living-out-loud.)


7 thoughts on “Stone Fox

  1. haha!!!! love the toy telephone! these are amazing and you look ravishing indeed. i want to talk to you in person about what went wrong with your haircut (it looks great here so i sure can’t tell!) because i am contemplating having mine cut for the FIRST TIME ever (professionally) and i’m scared. it’s just so easy/lazy to throw it in a bun or side braid and be a dirty hippie. but looking grown up looks oh-so nice and tempting!!!

  2. by the way can’t wait to hear/see more about whiskeytown lake. i have such fond memories of swimming there with toot growing (huge!) in my belly.

  3. hahahahahha just realised that you’re talking on a toy phone! that is one hot dress Mary…and you are looking glamorous! Does Fern even know the photos weren’t of her? peaches…..both of you.

  4. Wowee! I’m glad you were able to create something gorgeous with the lousy haircut that made you so sadmad. Sometimes the best things ever are accidents. 🙂

  5. dude,

    so era-apropos.

    and i know the woes
    of a bulky feeling hair cut.

    just know that time will soften those lines.

    generally i cycle every three years
    with a pixie
    and then wishing it were longer so i can braid it and stick feathers in it
    (which i never do when it grows out)
    and then wanting to cut it sooo bad.
    and here i am,
    wanting to cut it so bad.

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