Once upon a time some sisterfriends attended the Women’s Herbal Symposium. While I was unable to go, I did get to catch up with two of them after they coasted back down from the hills, still surrounded by green blessings and good vibes.

I spent the last night of Memorial Day Weekend at Missa’s house in Santa Rosa. After a late night of beers and deep chatting (and then only two hours of sleep because of Ms. Fern Kickyfoot) we stumbled out the door in the early morn, in search of coffee and eats.

Thank you spider fairies, for your decorations of crystal and gossamer.


Thank you Clover, for sharing your Moomintroll with Fern.



It’s just so hard sometimes, this business of being a little person.

Thank you Milla, for putting in the effort to be a friend to my little person.

See Sara? The skirt!

Thank you Saint Rose, for being so flower-full.



Thank you Missa, for opening up your home and showing us your town. And it goes without saying, but how cute is this Mama / Daughter duo? (Look MB! The perfect skirt fit Missa perfectly.

Thank you coffee, for being my ally of Motherhood for the past four years.



Thank you creative people, for giving your inspiration to the world.





Thank you Luther Burbank, for seeing the magic in horticulture and bringing it forth.







Thank you Missa, for letting Fern dig a hole in your backyard.




Thank you ladies, for sharing a taste of the symposium with me.

Dear Houdini Bottle Opener company…G.O.B. Bluth could do a better escape act than the cork did.

Aw, I love these gals.

Dear Milla and Missa, thank you for being my sisterfriends, and for the love that transcends the screen before me. I am so grateful for the mutual witnessing of what lives for us in the quietest corners of our hearts.

Also, Milla and I had a quick chat about gastronimical dietary type things, and upon her request (which, erm, I think she’s asked me to do like 80 times now) I will start doing more posts about everyday eats. There’ll be one comin’ atcha this week.



8 thoughts on “Splendiferous

  1. oh my heart aches for your girls and your roamings! what pure delight, supported by flora at every turn and blue skies and beautiful digs and eyes full of light. i am so sorry to have missed you all together.

  2. Me too! i love this post of thankfulness and sisterhood even though I couldn’t be there. i felt like I was breathing a little “Amen” with every gratitude you posted here. xo

  3. It was the best! Even with the no sleep, epic battle over moomin, oh it was all good because, hey, we were together. One of these days I wanna come down and hang out at your future homestead for a few days, ‘k? Love

  4. wow…such lovely ladies, little ladies, and flowers…..how great that you actually get to be together in the flesh. is it wrong to be envious? 😉

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