Somewhere Over the Rainbow

In keeping with the theme of my last post, our family has also taken our first foray into the magical realm of chapter books. It started accidentally a few months ago, when we ran across the Moomin books at the library. I wasn’t too sure if they would hold Fern’s attention. With some pages containing only text…would she get bored or confused?

Turns out, she’s ready. We checked out the whole series and I am afraid to say that she may now be completely sick of all things Mumintroll, although there are frequent references to the Groke or Snufkin in her play. (We’ve also taken to calling her Little My whenever she gets her bossy on. She grins mischeviously and straightens up with pride.)

It’s an exciting new world, this journey as a family into the world of fantasy, and I have been eagerly awaiting the day. To kick things off intentionally, we decided to make this summer all about OZ. Just this last week we finished The Wonderful Wizard and this weekend we probably will find a copy of The Marvelous Land of OZ, and I can’t wait for us to meet Ozma. While Fern thinks the movie is too scary to watch, she has been requesting the soundtrack non-stop.

Fern and Leo puzzling out which part of the story the pictures belong to.

Yesterday we sat in the sunroom playing with puppets and singing along to Ding Dong the witch is dead. She was musing about how it would be to hear this song in the morning and look out her window to see the entire city in celebration and preparing for a parade. One thing led to another, and I mentioned that there would actually be a parade in the city this weekend, called Pride, and that it was all about Love. She lit up at this and, with no prompting from me, said that it was good to love whoever you wanted, even witches.

The Castro goes off after Wednesday’s historic rulings.(via)

She said You could even marry a witch.

City Hall is pretty for Pride week. (via)

And suddenly it was One of Those Moments. Time slowed down and the soul of my motherhood captured the next few seconds like a snapshot.

Yes, I said. You could marry a witch. A woman can marry a man. A man can marry a man. A woman can marry a woman.


And you can kiss and love everybody she sang. And then she went on to wax poetic about the difference in kisses between good witches and bad witches.


It was a brand new experience, being able to talk about the freedom to love and marry, without giving it a caveat. I know that equality still needs to be found in about half the states, and that in knocking down DOMA and Prop. 8, the Supreme Court also did not make gay marriage federally legit, that this is primarily a giant step in ending discrimination. But I was here to witness not only this ruling, but the way in which the community within my city suddenly can take a deeper breath. In this time of political tensions and global strife, it is a needed reminder that efforts do pay off. That equality leads the way. Love wins.

It is one of the biggest honors in my life, to be able to hand down the freedom to Love to my daughter, to know that she will be given her birthright and will not be obstructed in her relationship choices.

Even if it’s with a witch. Boy, planning a wedding in OZ is going to be a challenge.


Have a great Pride Weekend, San Francisco.


2 thoughts on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  1. awwww yay! such a great feeling, truly, and these photos of san francisco almost bring a tear to my eye. and from personal experience, witches make great husbands 😉

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