There’s a Lot Going On

While I was at work yesterday, I received an email from Jeff with the subject line: There’s a lot going on over here.

The email contained these photos, of a project Fern was doing with her 14 yr. old babysitter.

It’s like sandtray.









They managed to incorporate every single one of Fern’s “characters”…her figurines that live in a little basket, many of which are from my childhood. Since she has given a personality to each one, looking at these photos was like watching the blooper reel of a favorite TV series. I had a good long laugh, which helped my day move along in a better trajectory.

Also, this happened before work.

Leeeeeet the sunshiiiinnnne, Leeeeet the sunshine in, the suh-uuun shine ih-nnnnnnn….

I disappeared from this space over the past week, and for those folks who follow along regularly, I apologize for not being more intentional about taking a break. I think my absence will continue for a little while, because there truly is a lot going on, and it’s requiring all my focus and attention to stay strapped in my seat. Life just became the emotional equivalent of a bucking bronco, and falling off is not an option. I’ll be less cryptic later, I promise. I’m going to have stories I’ll need to tell.

I may pop back in with some astro posts, and keep your antenna up around August 2nd. Bioregional Swap time!

For now, I’ll leave you with one of Fern’s favorite songs du jour.

Do listen all the way to the end if you’ve never heard this before. It’s hilarious.

Love to all!


7 thoughts on “There’s a Lot Going On

  1. that set up is just incredible! i love the giraffe staring forlornly over the stove like a lonely housewife cooking dinner. and the tiny towel hanging over the drunkard passed out 😉 every detail is so cute! not to mention the set up itself, i love the tiny cans and the adorable mini kitchen.

    good luck with the roller coaster ride! i’ve been crazy busy myself but just this morning things seem to be sweetly calming. can’t wait to catch up on all your bidness! and yay for astral posts and swaps!!!

  2. so cute! and as you know, i think you have the best dollhouse EVER!

    sorry things are crazy for you right now. i hope it all improves very quickly. ❤

  3. i’ve been thinking of you a lot lately….

    i did a sand tray therapy session once. i remember it being completely trippy. i find it so inspiring the way kids arrange toys when they play. yay.

    i hope your bronco realizes what a magical queen he has on his back and that the world begins to open to you as you wish. love.

  4. Amazing creation! I love it. Playscapes are the most magical things ever. I was just thinking about the swap this morning! I’ll keep my eye out for the shout-out. I hope everything settles swiftly and just as you want it to. Take care x

  5. Hey hun, I’m aching to blog again myself. Sometimes a break is good though when we need to get ourselves back to the middle somewhere. Wow bio-regional swap time. That’s like my favourite time of year! I want to play with Fern’s setup by the way.

  6. we have that little otter guy at my office, and we play a game where we hide him in people’s desks and bags! i love all the creativity going on here, what energy! what fun!

    i’m thinking about you and your home, and sending positive thoughts and intentions your way. with love.

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