The Belles of Summer

A three day camping trip on the American River with my cousin and her family.

Wild Grapes


Moth Mullein comes in white. Who knew? Not me, that’s who.


Rabbit Tobacco

Queen Anne’s Lace, or Wild Carrot. Identifiable from it’s poisonous lookalike (Hemlock) by the tell-tale purpley black flower in the middle. The seed heads form “bird’s nest” clusters.



Wild Cousins





Photo taken by my own wild cousin…

…Kristin. Otherwise known as my sistah from anothah mothah.

Campurritos. Otherwise known as breakfast of champions. Eggs. Potatoes. Goat cheddar. Bacon. I also made a giant jar of cold pressed coffee beforehand, which supplied us with gourmet caffeine all weekend.

My other little campurrito.

There’s so much I could write about…about the goodness of families getting together to create memories, about how finding plant allies is all I need to really settle in to a place, about how I’ve realized that car camping ain’t so great when the bros in the next spot over drown out the chorus of crickets with their exclamations of “Dude!”, and about how being awakened in the morning by a cacophony of robins almost makes up for it.

But I’m not going to. I’ll just leave you with photos instead.


P.S. Bioregional Swap time on Friday!


4 thoughts on “The Belles of Summer

  1. The fmily resemblance! Far out that is cool to have a cousin that you can mirror in looks. Did you ever notice it as kids? Cousin times are awesome, some great memories for Fern….a friend of mine tells me she sees it as her job as a mama to be in charge of memory making for her kids. It’s a good job. Especially love the pics of you and Fern snuggling. Breathe it in hun. Mia lost her first two baby teeth this winter, and i felt the loss of her baby-ness rather acutely. That and my pre-teen son have made for some mourning. love you. xo

  2. how fun to go camping with cousins! where at the american river did you lay your head to rest? fern looks so cute playing in the water….

    is rabbit tobacco really fragrant? i’ve always known it as cudweed, if it is in fact the same friend.

    queen anne’s lace is really regal. whenever i go wandering she always brings a smile to my face.

    someone really dear to me had a major upheaval in life and found themselves having difficultly even getting out of bed….. it was essence of wild carrot/queen anne’s lace that grounded her and restored her spiritual sight.

    hope you’re soaking in the summer like those grapes.

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