The 3rd Annual Bioregional Swap



What have you harvested this year? Do you plan on doing any canning? Did you come across so many feathers you don’t know what to do with them all? Have a favorite sea stone that whispers to you it’s dreams of seeing far off lands? Would you like to receive a care package from an old friend just met, with little magical gleanings from a land your feet may never have touched?

Leave a comment letting me know you want to participate. I will randomly match names together, and then let you know who your swap partner is. You have until October 1st to complete your package and send it out (to give enough time for late harvest canning or seasonal medicinal making!).

Here are some examples to give you an idea what your package could contain: Jam, salve, seeds, artwork, photos, pressed flowers, feathers, stones, bones, tinctures, flower essences, driftwood, poems, mixed cds, special books, homemade brews, embroidery, vintage thrift finds….anything that represents you and your bio region. (It goes without saying, but seeds/plants that could become invasive should be excluded from your package. Also, be aware that if your partner lives overseas, sending seeds and other organic material may be against international customs…in other words, they might seize your stuff!)

This is an opportunity to not only make a new friend and receive mail goodness, but also for you to deepen into your own definition of how the land you live on speaks to you.

I truly hope you’ll consider joining (and rejoining!) us. Everyone is welcome, whether you have a blog or not, and especially if you are having thoughts like “I’m not creative enough…cool enough…spiritual enough…garden-y enough…”. Believe me, you are, and this is a chance for you to discover just how much so.

Can you believe we’re going on year three? If you are new ’round these parts, you can catch up here and here. This post has multiple links at the bottom for inspiration.

So who’s in? Lemme hear you shout, in the unique language from the land you live on.

I’ll announce partners in a week, on August 9th.


27 thoughts on “The 3rd Annual Bioregional Swap

  1. Omg, I’m so in! Loved my package from last swap.
    In the unique language from the land I live on, “¡Me encanta swap bioregional!”. That would be Spanglish, the language of southern AZ.

  2. Me me me me me me! Oh yes,BTW I want to be part of this. LOL.

    The person I am matched with would have to know my MCS needs: no fabric, no alcohol tinctures, no essential oils, no ink of any kind, no resinous woods (pine), etc. but yes to dried herbs, glycerine tinctures, organic foods, ebooks, emailed fave recipes in the Weston Price vein, found feathers, stones and metal stuff, beads, wire, ceramics, organic seeds for a VT garden, bones, more bones, untreated hard wood, shells, herbal salves, etc! SO EXCITED!

  3. I am so excited and just participated in an herbal swap with my online herbal sisters, thanks to you. I would love to participate and thank you for your time in organizing this swap. I am so excited from the comments above about last years swap and feel blessed to have this opportunity. WooHoo

  4. 3rd annual swap hurray! hopefully my 1st annual time to meet the deadline! yeha! we are always a little behind here in my bioregion, but we get it done. 😉

  5. Argh! Missed the deadline. I had visitors from out of town and haven’t been online much in about a month. Just now catching up. 😦 If you have a straggler…

  6. Oh no!!!! I have missed out on the swap this year!!! I was so looking forward to it, as well!! Mary, if there happens to be any other person who is interested in swapping, also, let me know…. 🙂 I enjoyed last year’s swap so very much!!! I cannot hardly believe that a year has flew by already…. Wow!!!!

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