Wish I Had a River, I Could Swim Away On

I have so many words, I’m finding it hard to utter any. While I’m waiting for words to flow, heart to flow, life to flow, I’ll just spend my time sitting on the riverbank. Like the south Yuba River, for instance. With my girl and Uncle Shaners. I’ll dangle my toes and then dive into the deep, and when I’m done, I’ll climb back onto the rocks and watch the shadow of water striders. And that’s all I will do, over and over, until I can get my boat unmoored from the eddies. It’s cool, I can wait. As long as I’ve got the river by my side.




















A camping trip to the South Yuba River State Park. With my besties and approximately 80,000 flies, yellow jackets and hornets. Oh, and also…no toilet paper. The degradation of our state parks is sad, sad, sad. We’re back home now, in the fog, fog, fog and I sure do wish I had a river by which to start my day, every day.

P.S…There’s still time to sign up for The Third Annual Bioregional Swap!


6 thoughts on “Wish I Had a River, I Could Swim Away On

  1. What a beautiful place. I’m just back from an afternoon by a (much smaller) river. Just me and my girls. And they didn’t ask me to carry them on the hike back to the car. Neither of them. For the first time ever! Yet, two sunshiney hours with my feet dangling in cool water could never be enough. I hear ya!

  2. i think i get this…i’m currently attempting to wake up to the earth, the earth element is what i need, like you need the water. i love the reminder of the unfolding of our growth happening in its own time. and as we are going through the growing pains, just chillin with the element. – also, you’re making me want a black swimsuit and a black hat now.

  3. I want to go play in the river. I want to go camping. And I want to be a part of the bioregional swap again this year, if it’s not too late! It was fun last year.

  4. Girl, i was there yesterday!

    a magic boulderific green lizardy heaven.

    i’ve been thinking about you lately.

    i hope that someday our paths will cross. xoxo

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