Gifting the Harvest


It rained here yesterday. Or perhaps a better description is how the spirit of Autumn sighed over the city streets, misted through the monterey cypress and took with it the cocky assuredness of Summer. Every person I chatted with had no doubt…the season has matured, and Fall is on her way.

And so this morning it was my pleasure, for the third year in a row, to initiate what has become a yearly celebration for some of you. For those of you participating for the first time, welcome…Welcome to a celebration of all that is good in the earth, what has been gifted from the skies and what has been inspired in your own heart.

We have another trio this year (more on that below) and as always, I was delighted as each pair stepped forward out of the magic hat. I wonder what the meeting of your bioregional souls will bring?

Partners for the Bioregional Swap of 2013

Mary Beth and Anne!

Mindy Sue and Frances!

Kendra and Jen!

Melissa and Heather!

Sadhbh and Belle!

Judith and Adrienne

Alisha and Dolly!

Liz and M. Dempsey!

Teeny and Me and Sara! (yay!)

Sadie and Aoife

Milla and Denise

The lonesome name left in the bottom of the hat this year was Sara! So I put all the names back in the hat and drew another, in order to match Ms. Forestlass to that pair. I swear I left it all to chance folks, but dang if Teeny and I aren’t the lucky ones!

Keep a look out for an email from me in the next week, properly introducing you to your partner. Make sure you check your spam folders too, since that has been a problem for folks in the past. Finally, as a refresher, here are the guidelines:

You have until October 1st to complete your package and send it out (to give enough time for late harvest canning or seasonal medicinal making!).

Here are some examples to give you an idea what your package could contain: Jam, salve, seeds, artwork, photos, pressed flowers, feathers, stones, bones, tinctures, flower essences, driftwood, poems, mixed cds, special books, homemade brews, embroidery, vintage thrift finds….anything that represents you and your bio region. (It goes without saying, but seeds/plants that could become invasive should be excluded from your package. Also, be aware that if your partner lives overseas, sending seeds and other organic material may be against international customs…in other words, they might seize your stuff!)

This is an opportunity to not only make a new friend and receive mail goodness, but also for you to deepen into your own definition of how the land you live on speaks to you.

Happy Swapping!


6 thoughts on “Gifting the Harvest

  1. the season has matured..

    the season has matured..

    ima be quoting you all moon.

    this transition between the seasons always feels the most poignant for me,

    thanks for making this happen!


  2. I am so blessed and excited to participate in this swap. I look forward to meeting you Judith. I hope that the Southern Cali sunshine will continue to inspire me. Thanks again for hosting this swap.

    1. Hi Adrienne, Greetings from a beautiful warm evening in Piercy CA…so excited to being a participant for the first time.

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