Three initiations happened this weekend.

1. For the first time ever, Leo came with us to Shasta County.

2. Both kids went to a waterslides park for the first time. From the look on their faces, it dawned on them about 10 minutes in that we had just taken them to heaven.

3. Fern went to see her very first movie in a theater. Her exclamations during the action scenes were priceless. Wowwwwww! Mama! They’re flying so fast and so high!!!

Our last morning there, we went to explore the mystery….Pond. Swamp. Puddle.

We don’t know what it is, but it appeared about two years ago in the middle of our field, and it didn’t take long for every water loving plant in a 50 mile radius to find out.


A little oasis, surrounded by cattails and blackberry (where the heck did the blackberry seed come from???), with a willow growing right in the middle. A pure example of the genius of nature.




The kids picked cattails and ran about, pretending to be leafmen and fairies.




My heart was grim, and I just let it be. Grimness is part of the mystery, after all. I look to that little wellspring of unknown origin as hopeful metaphor. You just never know how, when or where the magic will happen.



P.S. …Blogger gals, I haven’t been able to post comments! I keep getting an error message, even on different computers. Anyone know what that’s about?


8 thoughts on “Epic

  1. Dear one, I’m sorry for your grim heart, and happy for Fern’s merry one 🙂 and so happy Leo could come with you guys to the magic of Shasta. Hope you get through the grim phase and into the merry soon. Love ya.

    ps. I’ve had that comment prob too on and off.

  2. i love the mystery pond puddle. a lot. much better than the blog comment mystery.
    please do sign me up with my fellow belated BRswapper — thank you!
    sending you hugs, and wondering why in the hell we haven’t met in person yet,

  3. i’m with nicole, seriously.
    anyway these kids look right at home, i guess leo had a grand old time? and so much excitement this weekend…luckies!

    hope your poor heart may be thoroughly and truly soothed soon.

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