Farrah Fawcett Hair

This post is not about my ‘do, although trust me, I contemplate going full Farrah almost daily.

No, this post is about things like awesome housemates in their 20s who (unlike the old fogies at home) still have a life and do things like get extra tickets for indie band festivals and then just give two of them to said old fogies for no other reason than he’s awesome and thinks we’re pretty ok too.

So on Sunday we headed down to Monterey for the First City Festival. As we were walking to the gate, I said to Jeff

We’re that couple.

What couple?

You know, THAT one.

Oh, you mean the one that’s 15-20 years older than everyone else and shows up thinking they can still play with the kids, but just ends up looking awkward and desperate?

Yeah. That one.

But it turns out, we weren’t. Instead, we were the awesome family who brought a wagon and circus tent for their kid and set the bar of hope and awesome for future parents. Never fear, free people, your life won’t end when you pop out a couple of pups.




We camped out for a while, to let Fern grow accustomed to the scene. The crowd was friendly, open and respectful, so as the venue grew more crowded our stress levels still stayed low. First city was held at the Monterey fairgrounds (where I realized I saw Ani Difranco approximately 8,000 years ago.) and there were three stages and lots of room to roam.

We didn’t know most of the bands on Sunday, except for Devendra Banhart (!), so we had the pleasure of discovering some new musical friends.

Fern and I doing interpretive dance (see her technique at :15) to The Antlers. (They are a teeny tiny bit like an american Sigur Ros. Although not really comparable.)

The big sneak attack came from Capital Cities. Which brings me to the title of this post.

It’s good shit.

You may have heard them on the radio with this song. I highly encourage you to watch this one, especially if you are a dancer or a golden ager.

They played that last one for their finale, and they had an entire meadow, about the size of a football field, up and jumping around. I would love to see them again.

Fern was a total trooper through the whole thing, and was also sans nap. She was pretty concert weary by the time Devendra came on.

I almost thought about posting this one, which is, um…well…brilliant and not family-friendly.

Mama and babe, featuring a teeny tiny Devendra on stage.

Big thanks to our housemate Keenan, for giving us the chance to break off the shackles of our routine and get our groove on.

How was your weekend? How are you settling into early fall? And how’s your swap coming along? (Hey Belle, Sadhb has been emailing you….check your spam folder!) xo


8 thoughts on “Farrah Fawcett Hair

  1. OMG (as the young folks like to say)!!! You guys make 40 look like the new 25. I look up to you for when that time in my life coms for sure. And you are totally gorgeous girl. And raising the best interpretive dancer in the Bay Area. LOVE YOU!

  2. Watching that video of you and Fern it felt like a moment of quiet when she went into her own danceabout….I loved that she wasn’t watching you for your reaction or the cameraman’s reaction; her dancing was all about her and the music. xo

  3. um, you cats are the epitome of cool…props to you for showing the younger generation a hearty and love-filled way to parent the little ones.


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