Have You Seen This Duck?

He was only .99 cents at the Goodwill.




But he has since become priceless to our hearts. It may be possible that Mom and Dad are more concerned about his whereabouts than the kid. We’ve looked high and low and we’re beginning to fear the worst. It’s a big deal when the favorite stuffy goes M.I.A.. We’ve been through a lot with Ducky. He’s the family pal.




Ducky come home! Your family misses you!


Reward offered. Name your price.


5 thoughts on “Have You Seen This Duck?

  1. Oh NOOOO!!! I feel your pain. Well Fern’s pain. But also yours. Because we have a similar love affair here with a stuffed ladybird. I am TERRIFIED that it will go missing. Oh I hope so much that Ducky turns up. Why is it always the irreplaceable things that become.. well irreplaceable?!

  2. Oh No, Mary!! Little Ducky has to come back home…. I know how precious Ducky is to you all!!! I have good feelings that sweet Ducky will come home soon.. and it will be a happy reunion… 🙂 LOL… Keep us posted!

  3. oh my, the photo of the two of them from behind–so precious (and totally sad now that he is missing)!
    i will keep an eye out in case ducky went to stay at a thrift store for a while, wink wink.
    p.s. this also reminds me of the dearly departed pocket mouse. i started a sweet little gray felted wool pocket mouse just for her, before realizing that it looked very much like my cat’s coughed up fur balls. i don’t know if four year olds are too mature for such things, but i plan to make one in another color…even if she doesn’t want it, i have to finish it– it has become personal at this point 😉

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