Queen of the Centaurs

She stands on the brink of the seasons, no stranger to shifting tides, followed by a feline companion. Wearing a golden crown, she brings the dawn with her. She is an archer of flaming arrows, but she does not aim, nor loose, indiscriminately. Fairness and equality are important to her and she seeks balance in her own life, as well as her dealings with others. Not that it is always easy, and righteousness is both her ally and her wounding. Understanding communication is of the utmost. She is not alone in her court, with friends as close as siblings, siblings as close as friends, a love of community and a generous nature that shines upon all…but some may be afraid of her intensity, a brightness that shines into the darkest corners…her own and that of others. Sometimes there is unease in her mind, a restlessness, as she casts about for TRUTH or THE WAY. Her heart will always illuninate the path before her and such is how a great leader should be.

Everyone, I’d like you to meet Moa.


The Sun–Symbol of the core self.

Moa has her Sun (represented by a circle with a dot in the middle) on the cusp of Sagitarrius and Capricorn, and was born on the Winter Solstice. It’s been my experience that folks born on cusps, and especially at seasonal markers or midpoints, have an intensity that they must learn to grow into. The great news is that this will happen almost without even trying. Cuspers also do not fall easily into the stereotype of their signs, and I like to think of them as being a Super Sign, a combination of two. The Centaur is one of the symbols of Sag, and the sure-footed goat that of Capricorn. Combine the two and I think of the greatest of centaurs, with an ability to climb to mountain tops like few others. Sag is a fire sign and Capricorn is earth, so another image is lava moving through rock, or an inner creativity seeking to manifest itself outwardly in the world.

The Moon–Symbol of the heart and the emotional life.

Moa’s moon is in Leo, another fire sign, at the top of her chart in the 10th house, the Mid-Heaven (or MC). Whatever resides at the MC is a big player in a person’s chart, and doubly so for Moa. Her path in life and her emotional well being is determined by her passion, her warmth and generosity, and also a true need to be recognized and respected. That funny symbol next to her moon is Saturn, who is ‘at home’ in the 10th house. The moon and saturn are conjunct and just like the ‘super sign’ that I mentioned before, the close proximity of these two players makes for a super planet. Saturn rules Capricorn and Capricorn rules the 10th house…with Saturn conjunct (right next to) her moon, the qualities of career, structure, work, tradition, boundaries, limits and parents (or parenthood) are inseparable from the qualities of her moon. Moa needs to feel passionate about her work in the world and will never be someone who’s life will slink by in a sludge of meaningless 9-5. Leo is ruled by the Sun and with her moon in Leo, above all else, she is lion hearted. While a shadow side of this could be a young expression of arrogance or pride, there is nothing wrong with an inner desire to shine so brightly that all faces turn to bask in her warmth…this is part of her gift to the world.

The Ascendent–A mask worn to the world and the filter through which the personality is expressed.

The righteousness of Sag and the pride of Leo are balanced out here by her rising sign in airy Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus and holds the qualities of balance, mediation, fairness, comparison and deliberation. The expression of her sun and moon are filtered through these qualities. This will tend to temper unfair fieriness toward others, righteousness that cannot see both sides, or pride that seeks to diminish others. Libra can get caught in ambivalence, so Moa may sometimes experience frustration the way that we do when our will is thwarted or blocked from within, especially by an inner critic. The planet Pluto, ruler of Scorpio and of the underworld, is conjunct her ascendent. Another super player! The qualities of Pluto (sudden change, unearthing, death/rebirth processes, the subconscious) are fused with her Libran mask. She moves through the world in what may appear to others to be terrible beauty (Venus + Pluto). Others may experience uneasiness around her, since Libra is so relational, and Pluto tends to stir the pot…folks may suddenly feel like their secrets or shadows are coming to the surface or may be seen. I imagine that this could have been wounding to Moa, especially when she was younger. It’s important to not take responsibility for the fear that others have of their own darkness. As a matter of fact, Moa is here to unveil the beauty in the shadow, the rightness in death.

Moa, it was my pleasure to do your chart, and to be allowed to see you in this way. If we were meeting in person, I would do a lot less of “explaining you to yourself” and a lot more of inquiry into what is true for you. If I was way off here, or stepped on any sensitive territory, do know that it was without malicious intent and that you are absolutely given permission to take it all with a grain of salt…try it on or throw it out. YOU are the master of your life, astrology can only offer a potential map.

It was hard to keep it short! I could have gone on and on. Also, it occurred to me that just going sign by sign or planet by planet could be really useful in helping you, dear readers, to deepen your understanding of astrology. Any interest in further posts like that?

As a final note, look at the hilarity that happened when I googled “Queen of the Centaurs”




Love to all!


5 thoughts on “Queen of the Centaurs

  1. Definite interest in further posts like this! I love how you broke it down and explained everything in easy-to-understand language. I’d be interested in paying you to do one of these for me, if that’s an option.

    1. Me too! Me too! I’ve thought about getting a reading of my chart so many times and have gazed at it’s puzzle figures myself on occasion with book in hand only to realize I don’t have a clue. Let us know when and if you’re available for personal paid readings. 🙂
      PS We were at Fairy Land last Friday and ended up piercing in East Bay last weekend. So funny ’cause I was thinking about my “blog friend” across the bay and we practically bumped into one another…if we’d been there a day later. Happy birthday to your little one.

  2. Mary, wow, I feel so honored that you wrote all that for me! I’ve felt a little bit invisible lately and now I’m all over your blog, pictures of Centaur Queens and all! 🙂 I must admit it feels really good. Is this my inner Leo talking!?

    I always thought my moon was in Cancer, guess I was wrong! Never felt much of a Capricorn in any way, and according to the new zodiac sign dates (I’d link, but I don’t know how!), I wouldn’t even be on the cusp anymore, but a “true” centaur, so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! And perhaps just a little bit of Leo, I guess everyone has their pride.

    The Venus & Pluto part was a complete surprise to me, I never knew that, and yet it made so much sense. That hit very close to home actually. I always thought I was too much of an old Goth to be a sag, and that I ought to be at least part Scorpio, and now I know why! Bit of a ” gotta dance to keep from crying” kind of old Goth, but still. 🙂

    This was really interesting, and it was just the exact right day for me to read it I think. Thank you so much! I’ll keep it safe (and show everyone I know, he he). The pictures definitely were an extra bonus!

  3. PS: The feline is a part time friend, although not exactly a companion. It’s called Katten (The Cat) and it came with my boyfriend’s house. It lives with all the inhabitants and is fed by a few different people, but not me. I’m actually allergic to cats, but Katten doesn’t really care either way!

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