Storage Solutions

For the past two days, Fern and I have been dragging all our holiday decor out from the nooks and crannies where we crammed it last year. We also have multiple bags and boxes lounging around, waiting to be unpacked from our trip to Shasta. Our home exists in a precarious balance of clutter vs. lively decoration, and cleaning sometimes consists of shuffling piles from one spot to another. We’re not sloppy, nor are we pack rats. We are a family of three living in two rooms…one of us being prime at impersonating a hurricane at knee level.

Yesterday, a friend on FB posted this quote from Maya Angelou, I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.

I read it at an apt moment, as I had literally just finished doing the last…without an ounce of grace…accompanied by my daughter’s new style of tantrumming that involves mega meltdowns when she gets what she wants, but it isn’t EXACTLY what she wants (hmmm, where’d she learn that, do you think?), and well…let’s just say that frustration levels have been high, all around.

I know its hyperbolic. Or romanticized. Or something like that (not to mention totally ignoring what can be the brutal reality of trying to survive as a critter) but gosh…I often wish my biggest problem was where to put my acorn.






Or that my biggest failures were due to ears that give me away…


How about you? How do you function under the stress of mess? And if you have kids…how do you deal with the changing needs for storage solutions, without spending all day cleaning and rearranging, or policing what can be played with where?


5 thoughts on “Storage Solutions

  1. Dude, every day I wish that I was a small bird that mills around the yard and flies a few thousand miles a year and owns nothing but her fancy feathers. For years I’ve been planning to write a post titled “Living with mess.”, because I”m shockingly good at it. I grew up in an obsessively clean household and consider mess soothing and home-y. I mean I know it’s frowned upon and socially unacceptable, but I don’t care. In fact I judge people based on whether they judge how messy my house is. If someone makes a snarky comment about it, I typically make a mental note that perhaps they’re not my kind of people 😉

    Love you. I really hope those folks get back to you about that house because I can see you guys in it.

  2. I have no advice but wish I did, i am not a tidy person and the three trolls that live with me aren’t either. I reckon maybe you need to “lose your sh*t”, that is, to have a tantrum yourself. I say this, because when there is nowhere else to put things and that nagging feeling of too much stuff won’t let go, and still where the eff is it going to go? sometimes a scream of insanity helps me. That and wine, or hiding it in cupboards and under beds. love you xoxo hope you get the house

  3. organization is a never ending task around here. the clothes and dishes alone are enough to make me go insane. i have no good advice because i haven’t mastered my own stuff. i try though. with 4 kids we do pretty good. one thing i’ve noticed from moving so often is that no matter how much room you have, it never seems to be enough. people tend to “fill” whatever space they have. one other thing i’ve found helpful is to clean up in the evening that way i know when it’s going to happen and i don’t end up picking up all day long.

    i hope you get the house as well, it looks awesome!

  4. i love this thought, especially since ty is always huffing about the bags of acorns stashed (hidden) into corners and closets and behind pillows.

    i just wish i had nothing, but i like my stuff, especially the trinkets and treasures that make my mcmansion inhabitable. i struggle with organization and so forth.

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