Songs for a Silent Night

I love holiday music, to a point where most others begin to feel nausea. For me, listening to Bing Crosby and Mr. Cole is like being wrapped in xmas lights and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Place me under a tree next to a warm fire and that’s where I’ll stay until the finches return.

However, there is another species of music that I crave as we near the winter solstice…songs that contain within themselves the silence of the season. There’s only a few that really fit the bill for me (such as the one I shared in my last post), and I know them by the goosebumps on the back of my arms. So I’ve mixed them up with a few other seasonally apt tunes for you in a playlist, to enjoy within your own wintry, starry sky.

I hope you keep warm, body, heart and soul.


2 thoughts on “Songs for a Silent Night

  1. thank you for this!!! i am totally like you, a true christmas music geek, but boy do i love me some vivid heart-wrenching december songs that cross over the wintry territory into the sweetest realms of musical magic. these are perfect.

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