And the Mountains in Reply, Echoing their Joyous Strains

9:11 a.m. Winter Solstice morn’.


10:48 a.m.




10:57 a.m.



1:30 pm




2:17 pm





2:39 pm



3:10 pm




4:01 pm


A glimpse into our Solstice Day…Our Friend of the city sky, Sing-a-long at Grace Cathedral, a long walk on the Bay Area Ridge Trail.

Now we’re counting down the minutes until Wednesday morning, and my little Elfea can hardly wait. This morning I was regaled with a story at 6:42 am, of how Santa hung up his clothes in the closet and then put himself, his sleigh and reindeer, and sack of toys into the washing machine, where they all shrank. And now Santa doesn’t have any boots because he took those off before getting in.

For myself, I nearly have The Night Before Christmas memorized and am readily tearing up at every mention of Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night. Tomorrow night, we will be following his journey using the Santa Tracker from NORAD.

Are you ready? Excited? Over it already? Well, I highly recommend this Christmas album from Sufjan to get you through the next 48 hours. We’re gonna have it on repeat.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, to all my sweethearts, near and far, known and unknown. May you find a place of peace, warmth and love in your hearts, wherever you may be, whatever you do.

P.S. I can seriously be brought to full on tears with sentimental stories involving Santa Claus. It’s totally uncontrollable for me. Am I alone in this or do any of you get choked up at the idea of a wink and a finger laid aside of the nose?


3 thoughts on “And the Mountains in Reply, Echoing their Joyous Strains

  1. My sister and brother-in-law posted a little personalized video to Facebook of Santa telling my nephew he’s had a big year (he became a big brother this year) – and I totally teared up! I’m a total sentimentalist, though…I cried the other night watching the Russell Peters Christmas Special, so I definitely lack any sort of is-it-normal-to-cry-over-this gauge, ha!


  2. my baby is asleep on granny’s lap, sufie playing on the stereo, teddy’s writing a book about a strawberry. it’s quiet and cozy and i can better enjoy your post.
    i love your wintry celebration.
    stacks of wood to fall in love with.

    merry christmas, mary.
    and to all good night.

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