All Quiet on the Western Front


Spotting our shadows on Imbolc.

A bouquet from Fern.


What’s that? My children are standing on the edge of a watery precipice?

Changes are underfoot. We thought for a minute there that we might be moving, so there was a flurry of down sizing (which consisted getting rid of a sizable amount of books and clothes, plus closet dumping cleaning.). While that seems less likely now (*sigh*), I am still pushing the ball forward in some other (writing mostly) endeavors. There will be a big transformation coming to this blog…or maybe I should say away from this blog…but don’t worry…I will give you a heads-up well in advance.

I’ll be back in full(er) force next week.


P.S. This just in…possibly moving is back on the books…so you may or may not see much of me the next month. I’ll keep you posted!


5 thoughts on “All Quiet on the Western Front

  1. Is she moving? Isn’t she moving? Only time will tell. I feel like I’m reading a mystery novella and I have to wait for the next one to be published to find out the ending! I know I’ve been absent lately, too busy, much too busy with the kids driving me nutty these past seven weeks of school holidays. Nothing that a good cry and a heavy duty shoulder massage didn’t sort out though. Your red boots are a fabulous bright distraction. Fingers crossed for you xo

  2. ALSO, I really appreciated the comment you left on my blog about needing to make boundaries before the shit hits the fan and I become the HULK in my household. Have you got this worked out?

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