Finch People

Nothing contains more forcefulness, more hutzpah, cheekiness, or ability to elbow it’s way through the crowded halls of the universe than new life.


Previous examples include my daughter who, at the exact moment that I was graduating and preparing for unpaid years of internship in a collapsing economy while dipping my toes in the untested waters of a promising relationship, decided You know what? I think I’ll incarnate NOW.


Which must be why, in the midst of free-falling through the last 18 years of my life on the way to a new home up north, I have decided to move forward on changes to this blog and the separation of the private from the professional.

In the next two weeks, Terrallectualism will become the name of my brand-spankin’ new professional writing blog. It will include nature writing, ecopsychology, wildcrafting and herbology, as well as photography.

This blog, the one you are currently reading, will keep all it’s content, but get a facelift, as well as a new name. I won’t be able to redirect traffic, since Terrallectualism will be in use. So here’s your fair warning.


All the doings of our family life, my private musings and photography, will be here…

I hope you come find us…I’d hate to lose touch!



9 thoughts on “Finch People

  1. It sounds so promising, and how fitting in fact that these new, exciting episodes in your life open up at the same time! Your little garden in the stars is budding.
    Oh by the way, love these Finches above! Are the flowers really starting to bloom already on the trees?

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