West County Backroads

We take the backroads all the way into town, hitting every pothole like notes on sheet music. Fern bounces along in the passenger seat of my little truck, singing Mommy’s truck goes bumpity bump, bumpity bump, bumpity bump to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”. A few weeks ago we discovered the local radio station, and we’ve got the volume up loud. 95.9 The Krush plays roots, rock and blues, but you can just call it Americana, or A Radio Station Made Just For Me. My daughter mimics the announcer in a gravelly baritone that makes me think she’s destined for a microphone career at monster truck rallies. Listening to event listings and local commercials makes us feel like we’ve found the inside scoop. Listening to the songs makes me feel like synchronicity is creating a soundtrack for my days.








I haven’t had much time for writing lately. Or rather, I haven’t felt like getting up at 5:30 am to write. I could stop staying up late, binge watching the new season of “Orange is the New Black” or “Fargo”. But the long summer days are encouraging my indulgence. I’ll go to bed on time in July. In the meantime I’ve made you a playlist of tunes I’ve heard on KRSH. I hope midsummer is finding you meandering the slow roads and fields of your own heart town.


7 thoughts on “West County Backroads

  1. I *just* heard about it on our way home from swim lessons two seconds ago! 🙂 Bummer tho, because I work on Thurs evenings…at least late this week, but as summer goes on I bet I’ll have one free. I’d love to hit one up with you!

  2. Hi hun, your photos are a journey of what looks to be contentment and charm. Am loving reading about your new life. Please tell fern to stop sprouting so tall, she is going to lose her baby limbs! I have so little guilt-free time to write these days; I feel that if I’m in front of a computer then I should be writing my assessments. Blah. I really appreciated your comments on my complainy post the other week. Dang that illness took a long time to shake, and husband and I had the conversation. It’s been good since then actually; he completely took over the housework when I was ill – and although it isn’t in his immediate repertoire to find the things that I need him to do – he is totally cool with me asking, and then him helping. so yay, win for us! ps. I love working with kids, especially the one’s that find school more challenging. xo

  3. so good, that california country fried rock dusty road vibe! looks oh so pretty. and yep, i’m feeling guilty cuz i’m binging over here on oitnb too! i should be editing and writing but… so crazy good! xo m

  4. I *love* that radio station! Any time I’m driving south (I’m in Ukiah), as soon as I get over the hill to Cloverdale I’m changing the radio to 95.9. I just wish it came in over here.

    Also, I haven’t commented here in forever, but I wanted to tell you how happy I am for you and your family, finally getting to live in the country. We lived in Petaluma for a while before our son was born and I know that area to the west of there & Sebastopol is just beautiful. I can see your soul blooming and your angst ebbing in every blog post. It’s been a joy to behold. 😀

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