Which way should we go?
And You, small singer of Eeny Meeny Miney,
obviously know the right way.
Down the Blackberry Trail
with walls of teasing blossoms and late summer promises,
June bees working joyously while we do other work.
The work of lollygagging and examining fine sand with our toes,
making the finest perfume of crushed balm and mugwort, or
running ahead to find the perfect hiding spot.

Emerging from the shadows, You shuffle out onto the path, stick in your hand,
a cane, you say, because you are practicing transformation and
deception through illusion, and you are old.
Old lady.

Then you are off again, disappearing down a side path
into dappled shade and the bank of the sweetest creek.
Seasonal change has slowed the current to a trickle, but
there is still enough water to carry the leaf boats you make.
Standing mid-stream,

You shout encouragement to your floats, urging them along with sticks.
Sitting above you on a fallen tree, I watch this moment, basking in grace
and struggling with time and most of all secretly hoping that
your boat gets caught in an eddy.
Just a little one. Because You
are so glorious
and it is already mid-summer
and soon we will be on the path again
and you will be skipping ahead.

Owl Clover

Parentucellia viscosa (It’s common name is Yellow Glandweed, but that’s so unglamorous).

Italian Lords and Ladies (poisonous)








Queen Anne’s Lace


I don’t know what this is. Anyone? Teasel (Dipsacus sativus). Thanks Jax!


All photos taken on Blackberry Trail at Ragle Ranch regional park.

What mid-summer glories are you enjoying? (And for you in the So. Hemisphere, how’s your winter?)


8 thoughts on “Glorious

  1. I love your words Mary. As a mama I’m right there with you, always catching up, watching in wonder. Oh Winter hasn’t been much this year in this part of NZ, so inconsistent, sometimes it’s terribly cold and the next day it will be almost warm. We’ve had an enormous run of wintery colds – the only good thing from that is; I sleep so well when I’m sick and i adore having permission just to not. do. anything. I remember winter being quieter when I was young. The streets seemed subdued, people would stay indoors if they could. Now it seems everyone is out as it is quite sunny, and there is more car traffic now. I enjoyed looking at and being a part of the Wintery landscape more when it was properly cold, otherwise it seems a bit farcical. (Although yeah the sun cheers me up too). Am loving the exploration that summer is bringing to Fern. Great pic of J and L – twinsies.

  2. Every time I think of Fern it is as a flower child – a flower jumping around and smiling in a very human, irresistible way. This loving description of her is wonder-full :o)

  3. oooh, incredible words, i get a whisper of goosebumps reading that last bit of your poem, i feel the changes in my every fiber all day long, with my own babes, and the world around us, and the way we ache for that little boat to be caught for a moment in an eddy. i always hated when people said “don’t grow up” to their kids, because all of life is a celebration and the growing is good, etc etc etc…but now i get it. sadly, sappily, i so get it. thank you for this lovely summer frolic, right at the height of it all.

  4. mid summer gorgeousness! i love the shot of fern holding the leaf up, so precious. looks like it was a wonderful day. every time i’m wondering what the name of a flower is (which is quite often), i always think, “i bet mary knows the name of this one”. hope you summer is as relaxing as these pictures are. xoxoxo

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