Summer, summer, it will always be summer

There are words and wonders underway. In the meantime, here are some glimpses into our beautiful mundane.

A late evening walk…



Garden happenings…






Rivertown Revival






A surprise visit from the rain beings and what we did with blueberries…









I have a couple of posts in the works, including a magical visit to Placerville. In the meantime, I had a piece go up on the Rebelle Society, a revision of some writing Milla featured on her blog a whiles back. I am desperate to get a pro writing blog going, to finally do that split that I’ve been talking about for over a year. I find myself with far less time these days, and a sense of overwhelm re: website design, even when using templates. If any of you lovely people out there have inspiration around these things, I could sure use the help. Drop me a line? terrallectualism at gmail dot com.

And tell me, how is July treating you so far?


5 thoughts on “Summer, summer, it will always be summer

  1. Ahhh July. What a month of goodness and busy-ness! Lovin’ the pics and seeing all the smiling faces amidst nature’s bounty. And love that dress! 🙂

  2. Your summer seems so full and fun! I can’t even believe the garden shots, from containers to this? Girl, you must be feasting on your triumphs. Can’t wait for your post about the trip! I’m so glad you and Heather finally got to meet. Also, I don’t have much advice on website stuff, but I took the plunge and signed up for square space, after all these blogger years. never have time to work on it tho. Would love to chat with you sometime.Love ya! Happy High Summer!
    ps. Your posts haven’t been updating on my reader, not something you maybe care about since you’re gonna move your site, but it’s weird.

  3. your garden is like fern, robust, well cared for, and happy. !! what a sweet patch of plants. i love fern’s bow and boots! i can almost smell the country when i see these photos, did you know that? tell me what it’s like a little more. 🙂 ❤ loved your rebelle post. (tear.) what a warrior woman you are. i wish you knew how much your words have fortified my heart. bytheway, AMAZEBALLS to see you this summer, dreams do come true! xoxo

  4. Country life suits you well, m’dear. It’s so fun to scan back to all these sunny summer posts, so full of energy and sunlight and life! I love watching even from this far, how you and yours are flourishing and growing in all these awesome directions, like lovely, delicious wild weeds.

    I’m sorry I haven’t been around much to comment, my own summer life has reached a rather high pitch of madness, but know that I am there in spirit and then some ❤

    As for website stuff, I'm going with square space. It's complex and inflexible like you said, but straight forward too.

    Love you!

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