Woahhhh. What happened to all your…stuff?

Did I just blow your mind?

This new template is quite a change from the cozy, but disorganized, closet of my old blog, eh? The overwhelming response on the new squarespace site was appreciation for the clean white background and lack of sidebar craziness. (Gee you guys, I liked my sidebar craziness!) But as I look at this site with the eyes of someone ready to do a major renovation, I recognize all the ways it could be better. And as a blogger, I’ve outgrown it.

So I’m giving this template a try-out. Hang in there with me as I switch things around. This site, the one you are reading now, will eventually have a new name and new site address, but all the old content will be here. This will be the place where I write and post pictures about our family life, all the stuff I want to keep semi-private, away from a professional writing persona. I’ll give you a heads up before the switch happens so you can come with me. By the way, I’m taking suggestions for the name of our family blog. As you may remember, Finch People was the initial spark, but I’m not so fond of it now. Fern this morning suggested Bone People and then Rabbit People. Jeff says that if I was a reality TV show, it could be called Extreme Dorks!. What do you think? Help a mama out.

The squarespace site isn’t set in stone either. It’s an expensive platform and they charge for every little thing, like being able to link to a FB page. WordPress is less glossy, but it’s also less money. I like this new template so much maybe THIS will be the new Terrallectualism. You know, I was going to try to do this switcheroo behind the scenes, launching my new sites with a big TA DA! But ain’t nobody got time for that. So I’m inviting you into the cocoon, where you can watch this caterpillar liquify and transform, eventually taking flight.

I promise I’ll get back to storytelling soon. In the meantime, more glimpses…

My container garden wilderness is pollination station on sunny mornings.

Not a honeybee, but a mimic…the dronefly.



The magic switch gets flipped…





Gathering abundance…




Baby swallows from the attic have fledged…




8 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. Aw, I must be in a minority because I liked the sidebar — I could find things! (like your old foraging feature) Now I don’t know where anything is. And I liked the little header image, because I hate it when the header image is so big it fills my screen and I have to scroll down to the main content (lots of blog templates seem to have it though, so I’m stuck with scrolling). But I know how hard it is to find a good *free* WordPress theme, because I spent literally *days* going through them all myself. It’s such a chore 🙂

    But baby swallows and beautiful sunsets and happy kids = yay

  2. Hi! I tried to comment on your other blog but couldn’t figure it out and my computer froze, anyway that was when you first wrote your post. I liked your old format, but that isn’t to say this one isn’t going to be great too. It’s what you get used to right? Love those photos Mary. xo

  3. This isn’t going to help you make a decision regarding format, but here goes: It doesn’t matter to me if your page background is black or white, or if you have a cluttered sidebar or a wide open space… I come to your blog because through your words I feel like I know you and you know me – the inside me who only shows herself in peeks and glimpses to certain people (including myself, haha) – and to see your pictures and enjoy your clear and shining love for the beauty of life. That was a little fan-girl gushy, I know, but it is what it is. 🙂

  4. I have to say that I find it much easier to read black on white than white on black and I’m assuming that you’ll add tabs so that eventually I can find all the stuff that used to be on the sidebar. I’m patient, because, as someone who has given her own blog a recent re-jig I know how loooong all of this takes!

    As always, your photos and words are the true heart of this blog, so as long as you’re happy with how it looks I’ll be happy too 🙂

  5. whoa!!!!! clean slate, new blogger identity for your continuing metamorphosis!!! i love it! better than finchpeople. it’s the new way. it’s bright and clean and bold. love me some bachelor’s buttons!!! and your happy harvests!

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