The Rain King got too much water in his basin and spilled some over the brim. That made it rain in a certain part of the country—a real hard shower, for a time—and sent the Rainbow scampering to the place to show the gorgeous colors of his glorious bow as soon as the mist of rain had passed and the sky was clear.


The coming of the Rainbow is always a joyous event to earth folk, yet few have ever seen it close by. Usually the Rainbow is so far distant that you can observe its splendid hues but dimly, and that is why we seldom catch sight of the dancing Daughters of the Rainbow.


In the barren country where the rain had just fallen there appeared to be no human beings at all; but the Rainbow appeared, just the same, and dancing happily upon its arch were the Rainbow’s Daughters, led by the fairylike Polychrome, who is so dainty and beautiful that no girl has ever quite equaled her in loveliness.


Polychrome was in a merry mood and danced down the arch of the bow to the ground, daring her sisters to follow her. Laughing and gleeful, they also touched the ground with their twinkling feet; but all the Daughters of the Rainbow knew that this was a dangerous pastime, so they quickly climbed upon their bow again.


All but Polychrome. Though the sweetest and merriest of them all, she was likewise the most reckless. Moreover, it was an unusual sensation to pat the cold, damp earth with her rosy toes. Before she realized it the bow had lifted and disappeared in the billowy blue sky, and here was Polychrome standing helpless upon a rock, her gauzy draperies floating about her like brilliant cobwebs and not a soul—fairy or mortal—to help her regain her lost bow!

So begins the adventures of Polychrome in The Road to Oz, her first appearance in the series by L. Frank Baum.

Even before the storm on Friday, there had been a lot of rainbow fairy talk in our house. Today we’ve got plans to begin making her Halloween Costume, and I’m wondering just how expensive 7 different colors of tulle are going to be.

It may have all started when I found my 80’s dream necklace at a thrift store last spring, the one my daughter covets and sneaks out of my jewelry box, only to be found hob nobbing with a plastic chicken or wooden gnome in her dollhouse.

I know. It’s truly glorious.

Perhaps it’s the age, a coming into the technicolor joy of early childhood, and how better expressed than with nature’s best refraction? Maybe it’s just good marketing, since everything at kid eye level in the stores is rainbowrific. Rainbows have also colored the edges of my own visioning for her, and years ago we thought we would decorate her room with black silhouttes of the forest, with rainbow accented…everything. Whatever the reason, we are all rainbow, all the time in our house, and I have amassed a giant stack of Hello Kitty coloring pages, each one colored proudly in marker by Fern, each one showcasing a different rainbow striped outfit.

As a result of the drought, my imagination is parched, and I just don’t quite believe it when water starts falling from the sky, I cringe in expectation that it will stop as soon as it starts. But driving home from Petaluma last Friday eve, I was tickled to see a 360 orchestration of Rain King antics, and it just kept getting better the farther north I drove. Huge golden sheets hung from the clouds in different areas, and as I turned off the highway I thought to myself That biggest one right there…I think that’s right over my house.

Sure enough, even the fastest wiper speed couldn’t clear the windshield, and I arrived home to a deluge, both from the sky and from my children, who were now out in the storm, dancing wildly.



There was a mad dash indoors to dig out rain boots and then we were out again, running around the ranch and shouting in delight.

The rain ended too soon, but we were then treated to a wonderful sunset, the rainbow still lingering. Good show nature I said. Nice job, God. said Jeff, only half joking.






Have the Autumn storms arrived where you live? (Or the Spring ones? Hi Teeny!)


5 thoughts on “Polychrome

  1. i feel this rain-joy in my bones!!! it already passed by here but we did dance indeed. So awesome that the rainbow curled right around your little abode. I think you all are magically blessed indeed. and i cannot WAIT to see fern’s costumes!

  2. Oh man, this is some beautiful rainbow-colored stuff! It’s not fall here yet. I would know because today I spent and hour in the garden in a swimsuit. The nights are cool, but the days still warm, if it’s not raining. That picture of the moon, is magic. I can never take them like that. She’s becoming full once more.

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