To Go A’Soulin’ on Hallowe’en





A bajillion sequins.
1/2 bottle of stretchy fabric glue.
7 rolls of tulle.
A leotard.
Some elastic.
Sheer material to make wings the “color of mist”.
All for $25 dollars and the best 10 hours I ever spent to help create ecstatic joy that lights up the whole sky.

Just as a rainbow should.

Also, a little reminder that the url for this blog is changing this weekend: Turn back your clocks and update your RSS feed. See you on the other side of the veil.


A very happy Hallowe’en/Samhain/Dia de los Muertos to you!


6 thoughts on “To Go A’Soulin’ on Hallowe’en

    1. I was going to say: lovely rainbow indeed!


      And what a wonderful, warm and clear autumn light.

      ps – you can see it under the page named “About the Invitation” (on the top right corner of this blog) – click on the words “new cottage” :o)

      1. Thanks Emmanuelle, that wasn’t quite what I was looking for, as it just has the regular URL not the RSS one, which is the one that subscription services need. But I googled for how to find the RSS for squarespace sites and I found this link:
        Obviously you replace the username on the squarespace site to whatever one you want to subscribe to, hopefully Mary can add an RSS link to her page now so other people can easily subscribe too (and maybe an email subscription as well) 🙂 (Although actually I did just manage to find it on Bloglovin, even though I hadn’t been able to find it when I tried before!)

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