Wishing You a Happy New Year…

…and also health and wellness, which is eluding me right now. I failed to employ my herbal artillery in a timely manner, and I have been taken down by the mother of all sinus infections and never-ending bronchitis.

Which is why these beauties have been following me on my morning walks. They’re waiting for me to expire.


So I’m surfacing from under my lake of phlegm and dropping in briefly here to say Happy New Year! and also to tell you that I am now on instagram. After avoiding it for years, I’m now giving it a go, and finding it surprisingly fun. Picture blogging. With a few words. How easy is that?

When I’m not here, you can find me there.

See you in 2015!


3 thoughts on “Wishing You a Happy New Year…

  1. oh me too! it’s been a dreadful winter of colds and now the damn sinus infection. neti pot elderberry syrup, tinctures, steams, honey/lemon/cayenne/ginger… meh. it’s been frustrating. Hope you are feeling better soon. xoxo m

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